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Friday, 19 May 2017 08:00

Project-based learning a success at Seven Persons

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Mason Scory reads out a story he wrote for the Seven Persons School Literacy Fair to PRSD trustees at the May 9 public board meeting. Mason Scory reads out a story he wrote for the Seven Persons School Literacy Fair to PRSD trustees at the May 9 public board meeting. Southern Alberta Newspapers photo by Tim Kalinowski

Prairie Rose School Division trustees had a good taste of the hands-on learning that is taking place at Seven Persons School.

Students from the school attended the May 9 regular board meeting to talk about some of their recent projects.
Principal Sherry Rissling said the students at the meeting were a good representation of the work that has taken place the past few months and some of the “passions” of the students.
Rayleen Lundquist and Madelyn Fischer talked about a project they created as part of the innovate class. They had to come up with a project that was built using recycled materials and then create a business plan so they could manufacture and sell them with the money going for a good cause. It was done in partnership with the Enactus Club at Medicine Hat College. The two found an idea online to create bags from old T-shirts. By cutting off the sleeves, creating the handles, and sewing the bottoms closed, they learned they could make a fairly sturdy bag. They made about $20 profit which they felt was reasonable considering they only sold them for one day.
Their money was being donated to the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter.
Aiden Kornelson brought the remote-controlled hovercraft he made in science class to show to the trustees. While other students attempted to make larger models they could ride on, Kornelson chose to make a smaller version he felt would be able to go more places. He explained how it worked, the materials he used and then demonstrated it outside to the delight of those present.
Mason Scory brought his entry from the school’s literacy fair. His book was about a field trip to Niagara Falls by a New York City mouse. Appropriately,  Scory presented as the character in a suit and mouse nose and ears. He spoke about the book, what he liked and the theme which is to be prepared for life’s obstacles.
Evie Neubauer and Mykah Obrigewitch, and later joined by Willow Morin, spoke about their class project to raise money for a new entrance sign for the community of Seven Persons. This is the school class known for its activism, selling T-shirts last year to raise money for one local family affected by cancer as well as Children’s Wish Foundation and Hope for Haiti. The group this year is knitting toques in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary.
There will be only 150 available to purchase with all money raised going toward the new sign, which they hope to receive matching grants for to cover the rest. As of May 9, the 25 students had already sold more than 85.
Rissling said all of the projects shared with trustees area good representation of the type of project-based learning happening at the school.
Superintendent Brian Andjelic complimented the staff and students at the school for coming up with innovative projects that incorporate many different classes as well as teaching students about connections to the community and the division’s literacy and wellness goals.
“It’s about everyone working together and learning together to provide the very best opportunities for kids in our schools.”

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