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Friday, 12 May 2017 08:00

PRSD school students end year with interesting field trips

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Prairie Rose School Division board trustees approved a couple of field trips for students in the division at the May 9 regular meeting.

Grade 9 students from Irvine School will enjoy a final class activity together by taking part in an Eco-Adventure Trip in June.
On June 21, the students and three staff members will head to Cypress Hills Saskatchewan, where they will be able to enjoy an eco-adventure offered by Treeosix Adventure Parks.
“This particular provider has a very good reputation with our schools,” said Superintendent Brian Andjelic. “They have very good safety procedures in place and (our schools) have used this provider in the past ... This is a great opportunity for the Grade 9 (students) to experience some of that eco-tourism (components).”
Trustee Cathy Hogg agreed the trip is a great way for the Grade 9 students at Irvine to celebrate their last year at the school before moving on to high school at Eagle Butte in Dunmore.
The Eco-Adventure in the Cypress Hills includes a zip-line tour. Students will experience and see the scenery from six ziplines as well as an 80-foot long sky bridge and three brief nature hikes. The company also offers a Treetop Drop – a safe freefall experience — as well as a climbing wall.
In applying for the trip, school officials pointed out the adventure meets the outcomes for phys.ed for students, as they learn ways to lead an active way of life. They will also learn to interact in a positive way with one another.
“Students will understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity,” they added.
Bow Island school aviation field trip
In what has become a popular field trip for Grade 6 students in Prairie Rose School Division, those from Senator Gershaw School in Bow Island are now jumping on the bandwagon.
Trustees approved a field trip for students from the school to Medicine Hat to learn more about flight from officials with Super T Aviation. Students will also be able to enjoy a short ride in a plane, seeing the principles they learned about in action.
Students from Margaret Wooding School in Redcliff have been going on this same field trip for the past four years. The past two years students from other Prairie Rose schools have joined them. Learning more about the principles of air and aerodynamics during a one hour presentation fits in with the science curriculum.

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