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Drive-through recycling drop now an option at Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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A new drive-through recycling centre has opened up at the Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill.

Feb. 4 was the official opening of the new recycling centre where everything is done indoors.
Emile Saimdon, landfill manager, says in the past, recycling was all done outside. The employees had to sort everything in the elements.
With the new building, both drop offs of recycling and staff sorting is all done indoors.
People can bring all recyclable materials, household hazardous, paints and electronics to the new recycling facility.
When people arrive at the landfill, they will get instructions from the scale attendant on where to go.
The building has an automated door, so when they pull up to the door it will automatically open.
They drive in and drop off their recyclables to the attendant and they drive out of the other side of the building. It’s quick and easy with no hassle for the residents.
Saimdon says this project was in the development stage for about two years.
It took about 10 months to complete construction of the 8,000-square-foot building which will accommodate plenty of processing of recyclable materials.
The total cost of the facility was about $900,000.
Another benefit of indoor recycling is reducing the worry regarding spills, or dropping of products outside that could then end up in the landfill instead.
“It’s … safer for our employees. It’s better for the environment,” adds Saimdon. “We can contain … any possibility of spills or any kind of materials getting … dropped on the ground. Now it’s all contained inside the building.”
Saimdon says they have plans to increase the recycling rate for the building that would allow them to be able to look after more products that need to be recycled instead of ending up in the landfill.
Generally, they process a fair number of products on an annual basis and since this new facility has been open, he says the traffic has been as usual.
“Our residents come on a regular basis and … in springtime we will see a surge, because everybody’s cleaning out their garages and their basements, so … typically April, May and June we’re … very busy in that area,” he adds.

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