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Pincher Creek only Alberta stop for special arts tour

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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Youth ages 11-13 are invited to take part in the Confederation Centre of Arts cross-Canada tour with a Feb. 21 stop in Pincher Creek.

The Confederation Centre of Arts is holding The Dream Catchers, which is a nationwide project travelling to every province and territory. This event is free to all those who attend.
“The workshops are led by indigenous and non-indigenous artists who will work with workshop participants to explore their dreams for the future, with a focus toward the environment, inclusion and reconciliation,” says Stephanie Ripley, associate producer for the Dream Catchers.
At the workshops, youth will learn about the significance of the traditional dreamcatcher and other dream traditions from across the country.
As well, the youth will be able to create their own small dreamcatchers that will be collected and used in the creation of a giant, national dreamcatcher.
Artists from each province and territory, whom will attend each of the workshops, will create original works that will then be combined into a high-energy, one-hour show to be performed in Charlottetown and across the country. This show will feature the Confederation Centre Young Company, interpreting through music and dance the ambitions, hopes and dreams of Canada’s next generation.
“The dreamcatchers that the youth create will also be collected and used by indigenous artist Nick Huard to create a giant national dreamcatcher that will be on display at Confederation of the Arts this summer,” adds Ripley.
This tour is stopping at one location in each province and territory and Pincher Creek was chosen for the Alberta stop.
“We want to include youth that are as representative as possible of the diversity of this country. For this reason … we have done our best to choose locations that will give us a mix of urban and rural; north and south; agricultural, coastal and industrial communities … in the hope that we are able to hear the dreams of a diverse cross-section of youth,” she explains.
Ripley grew up in southern Alberta and thought Pincher Creek would be an excellent rural location, so she reached out to Alberta Parks, who generously agreed to offer a location for the workshop, market and provide food for the day.
The Confederation Centre of Arts was approached by Huard and Yvonee Mosely.
These two people worked on a similar project with the youth and community in Membertou First Nation in Cape Breton, with the idea to reach out to youth and get them dreaming.
It was decided to hold this ‘dreaming tour’ as a celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary this year.
Funding was granted by the Government of Canada’s Canada 150 fund, which makes The Dream Catchers one of the Canada 150 Signature Projects.
At the workshop in Pincher Creek, the youth will participate in drama activities to help them explore their hopes and dreams for the future.
“They will also learn how to build their own small dream catcher, which will be included in the final national dreamcatcher that Nick is building,” adds Ripley.
As the tour workshops are only for youth ages 11-13, Ripley encourages anyone under the age of 18 to share their dreams online at
“We want to encourage youth to never stop dreaming, because we strongly believe that our lives, country and world will be a better place if we empower and encourage our young people whenever possible,” adds Ripley.
As of Feb. 9, there were still spaces to sign up for the Pincher Creek stop of the tour.
Ripley says they want as many youth as possible to attend.
Singer/songwriter Kinnie Starr, originally from Alberta, will be at the Pincher Creek stop to speak to the youth and share her thoughts on dreams and discuss how she made her dreams a reality.
The free workshop will include breakfast, lunch and snacks provided.
“Our youth are also full of incredible ideas and dreams and we want to give them a platform to express themselves, to empower them and encourage them to keep dreaming,” adds Ripley.
Parents or guardians are required to register their youth prior to attending the workshop online at
The live show being created from these workshops will be coming through Alberta this summer.
Ripley says hopefully it will stop near Pincher Creek. People can check the website for updates and tour dates.
The event will take place at the Pincher Creek Provincial Building on Feb. 21 from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

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