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Friday, 16 December 2016 08:00

Small surplus for Grasslands in 2015-16 school year

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Grasslands Regional Division posted a small surplus in the 2015-2016 budget year thanks to continued strong enrolment and some unexpected funding for refugees who moved into the division.

The audited financial statements for 2015-16 were presented to the board at a Nov. 28 meeting. The budget for the year was estimating a shortfall of $184,939, but instead the audit showed a surplus of $375,236.
Grasslands had total revenues of $48,610,852, more than the $47.5 million budgeted for, and expenses of $48,235, 616, also more than the $47.7 million in the budget.
“We’re happy. It was a clean audit and opinion,” says Rhian Schroeder, associate superintendent business services.
An area which can be hard to anticipate are gifts and donations. The division received $43,899 in this area in 2015-16 and fundraising earned $214,104. Fees totalled $435,948 and other sales and services in the audit totalled $534,600. After the costs of goods sold to raise funds was factored in, the division ended the year with $768,175 sitting in school-generated funds.
When broken down into program operations, two area showed a surplus situation. In instruction for grades 1-12 that surplus was $501,727 and there was a $38,909 surplus in Board and System Administration.
Deficits were posted in Instruction for ECS of $38,060, Plant Operations and Maintenance of $19,716 and $107,624 in Transportation.
Included in the audited financial statements is the remuneration of board trustees. That information follows.
• Chair Vic Budz — Remuneration $18,225, Benefits $5,203, Expenses $4,924;
• Trustee Jody Trembecki — Remuneration $16,950, Benefits $5,846, Expenses $9,762;
• Trustee Melanie Chapman — Remuneration $15,985, Benefits $5,203, Expenses $5,614;
• Trustee Inge Ellefson — Remuneration $14,250, Benefits $3,057, Expenses $2,187;
• Trustee John Petrie — Remuneration $15,445, Benefits $5,203, Expenses $3,167;
• Trustee Shaun Roth — Remuneration $11,625, Benefits $5,203, Expenses $1,633;
The total remuneration for trustees was $92,480, benefits totalled $29,144 and expenses totalled $27,286.
A superintendent position was listed which had remuneration totalling $175,134, benefits of $27,504 and expenses of $13,647.
About $21.1 million ($21,120,480) was spent on remuneration for certificated teachers and just over $4.7 million on their benefits.

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