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Stirling woman finds joy helping others reach fitness goals

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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A before and after of Devynn Selk Bohn shows that hard work and dedication can pay off if one sets his or her mind to it. She works to help others get on the right path for their health and fitness. A before and after of Devynn Selk Bohn shows that hard work and dedication can pay off if one sets his or her mind to it. She works to help others get on the right path for their health and fitness. Photos contributed

Stirling resident Devynn Selk Bohn has a love for helping others with their fitness goals.

After having children, Selk Bohn found herself at almost 300 pounds and was unhappy with herself. She was proud of her beautiful children and amazing husband, but didn’t feel great about herself.
The number on the scale was weighing her down mentally and emotionally.
“I was in a terrible place — and one day a friend reached out to me and invited me to join a free fitness challenge. I joined her free challenge and the competitive side of me took over and I won it,” explains Selk Bohn. “I continued to win her challenges having fun and staying motivated.
She then introduced me to an at-home workout program that I just loved and I lost 30 pounds (with it).”
After beginning to lose some weight and gain some self-confidence, Selk Bohn wanted to help others on their fitness journeys and reach their goals.
Selk Bohn became a certified personal trainer so she would be more fully equipped to help others and herself.
“I have learned so much and I’m so excited about all of this information going forward to be able to help others,” she add.
Once Selk Bohn began seeing results, she realized she wasn’t the only overweight, working mother who deserved a better life.
“I knew I relied on my personal and online community to help me in the beginning and that I wanted to provide that for other people. I also looked around at other personal trainers and fitness coaches online and I had a hard time relating to them. I found that a lot of them, while they loved fitness, didn’t necessarily understand the struggle to actually lose 100 plus pounds. Getting up off the couch can be a struggle for anyone to want to work out, but when you have 100-plus pounds to lose, it’s almost impossible,” adds Selk Bohn.
She has found such a love in helping others take those first steps. Selk Bohn often hears she’s a very relatable coach. Clients tell her they appreciate the hope she gives them now she understands the adversity.
Selk Bohn coaches people both in person and online and she loves both.
“I love interacting person to person with people and helping them achieve their goals and watching them transform their bodies. I also run several types of groups online to help people stay motivated and active. I run free challenges one to two times a month. For instance, this month (October) we did a ‘Walk the Plank’ challenge, which we tracked our steps with our Fitbits and we challenged our plank times every day,” says Selk Bohn.
For the month of November, Selk Bohn’s challenge is the ‘Fit Family’ challenge, which gets everyone moving with child-specific workouts and fun recipes.
Currently, Selk Bohn helps hundreds of people both online and in person with their fitness.
She has paid groups online where she posts photos and videos daily to keep people on track.
The most important part of her focus is her one-on-one interaction. She offers personal accountability through phone calls, video calls and texting.
“I love coaching, because hearing people say things like ‘I’ve lost those last 10 pounds, finally’ or ‘My knees say thank-you for the 50 pounds I’ve lost’, or ‘I didn’t think I could do this and look at me now’,” adds Selk Bohn.
“I love it, because they were hard, but I knew my body deserved the end results. I enjoy it, because I know the sweat, the tears and the blood — yes, it’s happened — is all worth it. I enjoy it because just helping one person reach their goals makes it all worth my time.”
Selk Bohn began working out with at-home fitness DVDs in March 2013. She wasn’t comfortable going to a gym and working out with her body weight.
She fell in love immediately with the program she chose and the trainer on the DVD. Working out from home was going to be the key to her personal success. She has found for most of her clients that is also the same for them.
People can contact Selk Bohn by visiting her facebook page www. or at People can also phone or text Selk Bohn at 403-892-1172.

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