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PRSD trustees choose ‘friend’ for award consideration

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Prairie Rose School Division (PRSD) trustees hope officials with the Alberta School Boards Association  (ASBA) will see what great “friends” Alberta Works has been to them over the years.

The PRSD board agreed to nominate Alberta Works for a Friends of Education Award this year. That decision to do so was made at the September regular board meeting.
“The application has been a collaborative effort,” Superintendent Brian Andjelic told trustees at the meeting. “We have talked with the people at Alberta Works if they are comfortable with this nomination.”
The Friends of Education Award recognizes groups or individuals who have made “a significant contribution to education” in Alberta. The winner receives a brass school bell presented at the ASBA fall general meeting. All nominees receive a certificate of acknowledgement.
“It’s a great partnership and they deserve recognition,” said Trustee Bob Wickens, in making the motion to nominate Alberta Works for the award. “Our students have benefitted.”
PRSD first became engaged with Alberta Works in early 2013 when a representative attended a regional services meeting in Bow Island. A conversation there, resulted in the creation of a night school program in that community. People between the ages of 15 to 20, as well as many adults, have been able to take up their education studies once again in evening classes, in the hopes of obtaining their high-school diplomas or GEDs.
“Without the assistance provided through Alberta Works, many would not have been able to engage in their education beyond Grade 8 or 9,” says PRSD’s nomination form.
“With the help of Alberta Works, we have been able to provide an unrepresented group (the Mennonite community) access to a high-school education along with the ability to take advantage of traditional further educational opportunities.
“Thanks to the support of Alberta Works, these area residents now have the basic educational qualifications to enter into various fields of employment that would have otherwise been inaccessible.”
The organization was also lauded for consistently working with the division, communities and business sectors to support educational growth opportunities.
“This whole partnership started with one conversation between two people at a meeting in Bow Island,” pointed out Andjelic. “... It’s about the right knees around the table at the right time.”
Beginning Colony Educators Workshop
Coming off of hosting a successful beginning colony education workshop this past summer, PRSD officials are excited to host in southeast Alberta, colony educators from across the province next year.
About 18 people took part in the workshop held in August, Kal Koch, deputy superintendent, told the PRSD trustees. Various school divisions in southern Alberta take turns hosting the workshop in their areas, meaning PRSD only hosts this workshop about every eight years.
“It was a great day,” he said. “It hits such a wide range of people, we don’t know exactly what they need. Teachers going into teach in a Hutterite colony setting can be really challenging.”
Those challenges include working with a different culture as well as managing curriculum from grades 1-9 in one classroom. Topics at the workshop included colony culture and history; classroom management; discipline strategies; and resources that work well in colony schools.
The Alberta Colony Educators provincial conference is set to take place in Medicine Hat, May 25-27, 2017.
Organizers hope to attract about 300 people.
“We have a veteran group of colony teachers who aspire to teach on the colony,” said Andjelic. “Veteran teachers need a little extra to keep up their motivation, to keep up their purpose. For them to put on a provincial conference like this — is right in their wheelhouse. I’m excited that Prairie Rose will be stepping up to the plate to do that. I think we have a fine group of people (to do that).”

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