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What the Junk market attracts vintage lovers

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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Four on the Floor, a local southwest Alberta band played a set of songs, Sept. 17 at the What the Junk Market at the Michelsen Farmstead in Stirling. Four on the Floor, a local southwest Alberta band played a set of songs, Sept. 17 at the What the Junk Market at the Michelsen Farmstead in Stirling. Photo by Stephanie Labbe

It was a windy, but successful day for the fifth ‘What the Junk’ antique market in Stirling, Sept. 17. The market began last year and all the markets have been held at the Michelsen Farmstead in Stirling except for one.

One of the five markets was actually held in Wardner, British Columbia last year, as a fundraiser, to help support a local community hall to keep it open.
Jody Gurney, one of the organizers for the markets, says that was a great experience, to travel for one of the markets and help the community of Wardner, B.C.
“Every year we do it, it just kind of grows in number and vendors and people hearing about it,” adds Gurney.
Originally, Gurney had gone to a junk market in Idaho on the way home from a vacation. She thought southern Alberta needed something like that market. When Gurney returned home, she contacted a like-minded friend of hers. They had a vision and got started organizing the event. The very first market was put together in three weeks.
“It’s grown from … I think we had 15 vendors at our first market and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger,” adds Gurney.
At this market, there were about 40 vendors. There were supposed to be about 50, but there were some last-minute cancellations, mostly due to the weather. The wind was intense that day, causing many vendors to constantly have to re-do their displays as the wind would blow items around.
Despite the windy day, there was still a great turnout for the market. There were local vendors and a couple of food trucks. As well, there were a couple of bands playing during the day for entertainment.
Gurney says they find their vendors mostly on social media and by advertising in advance for the market.
As well, Gurney says they go to other markets all the time to see what they can be learning from other people.
There was a $3 charge for people to attend the market. Gurney says a portion of their proceeds goes to the Michelsen Farmstead.
“We just love creativity and we love … helping other people enjoy creativity,” adds Gurney. “We love bringing creativity and bringing beautiful things to life for people.”
She says this year they did a spring and a fall show as everyone seems to be really busy in the summer, so they wanted to choose dates that would work for the majority of people
“It does make it … harder to find the time,” adds Gurney about holding markets in the summer.
Vendors had anything and everything vintage inspired, antiques, furniture, clothing, art, jewelry, retro and funky and anything up-cycled.
One vendor had her homemade vintage spoon jewelry, while some had vintage wooden signs with sayings on them and others had vintage furniture for sale.
The next ‘What the Junk’ market will be June 17, 2017 again at the Michelsen Farmstead.

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