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Monday, 26 September 2016 08:00

New real estate deal in Dunmore has Jade excited

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This is a drawing of the lots available in a new development called Yuma Valley in Dunmore. This is a drawing of the lots available in a new development called Yuma Valley in Dunmore. Image contributed

A new housing development in Dunmore is proving the real estate market isn’t drying up despite it having an Arizona-name.

Yuma Valley is a new development situated on 6.5 acres in Dunmore just off of the TransCanada Highway on 3rd Ave. close to Rusty’s Roadhouse.
For Chris Nickel, operations manager Jade Built, it’s exciting news for the sister company of Jade Homes.
“This is a huge deal for Jade Built as it is our first full land development and we are extremely excited about it. There will be 13 serviced lots for sale, which will also be fully customized houses built on site by Jade,” explains Nickel. “There will be some minor architectural guidelines to follow for customers, just to make sure it is a beautiful development. The significance behind this project is for Jade Built to put all of the onus on ourselves as the developer and the builder. Customers get a one-stop shop. This is not regularly seen in smaller building markets.”
The name Yuma Valley was chosen because of Jade’s “really strong connection” to its office in Arizona.
“A lot of our house names and floor plans are named after Arizona towns, for example, The Sedona, The Tucson, The Avondale, etc.” explains Nickel. “We feel that the desired look of the Arizona-style home sets us apart.”
Nickel adds that even though they have the Arizona theme, the houses don’t have to resemble an Arizona town. At the end of the day, homeowners can build whatever they want.
Jonathon Higgins with sales and marketing for Jade Homes/Jade Built designed the logo for Yuma Valley  and will have some marketing assistance with the project.  
Nickel says at this point in time, Jade officials have been in the process of trying to start development from around six months from land purchase. Final council meetings will still take place with Cypress County so as to begin construction, and all the details should be finalized by early November.  
“We are in the final stages of engineering. Currently, the development is with planning committees and Land titles through Cypress County, and we should have final prints for each lot back by mid-November 2016,” explains Nickel. “We hope to be doing site excavations and deep services for January 2017. Our goal is to create a beautiful, fully-customized development that all surrounding homeowners and life long Dunmore residents are proud of. We know this is the first development of many more to come in Cypress County.”
A lot of contractors are already lined up to begin the development.
Once they have final plans and land title for each lot, Jade officials will begin the process of excavation.
They will be putting out plans for tender in early November for excavation contracts for this development.
Nickel hopes to finalize everything in that regard relatively quickly.
Nickel says the deal for the land was purely by chance and coincidence. Sometimes, one just doesn’t know what’s around the corner and that was certainly the case in this situation.
“Sometimes there are higher powers at be for how a project comes together,” explains Nickel.
“In this circumstance, it all started with a simple conversation with a potential customer to build a house, it ended with a personal connection, and the conversation started. In this conversation, a certain parcel of land came up that was never actually for sale. We were in the market for a development, and the timing was perfect. From there, we did our due diligence and the purchase was made.”
Welcome to Yuma Valley.
Jade Homes is owned by Hiebert Group. Jade Homes was incorporated in 2001.

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