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Irvine teenager befriends Canadian TV comedic icon

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By Jessi Gowan — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sixteen-year old Nicona Brost from Irvine had a unique opportunity to teach Rick Mercer, host of the CBC show The Mercer Report, some of the things she has experienced in her years of raising cattle.

At this year’s Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Brost worked with Mercer to wash a bull.

“It was really different, definitely not what I’m used to, teaching a city person to do what I do every day,” she said. “He did alright though, and it really seemed like he knew what he was doing.”

After he washed the bull and took it back to the stall to blow it off, Brost was amused to see Mercer holding the blower like he was working at a hair salon.

“That was the funniest part for me,” she laughed. “He was combing it and it was like he was doing his own hair. It was right in a way, but so funny to watch.”

Although Brost hadn’t ever seen Mercer’s show, she was familiar with him and was excited to have the chance to work with him for the show. The segment was organized by the Saskatchewan Hereford Association, who approached Brost and asked if she would be interested.

Brost has been working with cattle her entire life, and attends Agribition regularly with her family to promote their company. The extra attention from working with Mercer has definitely helped draw attention to their product.

“This was great promotion for us, since it will be on national TV and everyone will see it,” she said. “It’s great that is was our company and our bull, and it really drew a lot of attention to the Hereford breed.”

Herefords are a less-common breed of cattle, and are frequently overlooked in favour of breeds such as Angus. Brost has been working with Herefords her entire life and loves the unique personalities of the animals.

“Restaurants are always advertising their 100 per cent Angus burgers or steaks, but our Hereford was on television with Rick Mercer,” she said proudly. “I think that’s way better.”

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