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Sunday, 04 September 2016 20:00

Hire10 trying to help stimulate job market in southeast Alberta

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Shawn Baldwin is one of those Albertans who is concerned about the state of the province’s economy and job market/labour situation.
Baldwin wanted to use what skills he had to try and help.

On his business-oriented social networking profile on LinkedIn, Baldwin describes himself as a hiring protagonist spotlighting job creation in Alberta.
On Sept. 13, Medicine Hat and southeast Alberta will find out what he’s all about as his Hire10 initiative will present a hiring event and career fair at the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede.
The stipulation for the Hire10 fair is that the employers pledge they will hire 10 employees within three months of the fair. He has a decent level of interest for an inaugural event and expects more to sign on in the days leading up to Sept. 13.
Baldwin has an extensive career in human resource and job hiring positions including “talent acquisition” with Shaw Communications, Telus Sourcing Solutions Tervita and with He has held Hire10 sessions in Calgary and is now holding them in larger centres across the province. He decided to host one in Medicine Hat for a variety of reasons, he says in a phone interview.
“It was a mix of a few things. There was the logistics for it; the appetite for it and the entire thing from day one when I started this in Calgary, was the proximity for our crew to come out. When we did the second phase of these (job fares) we wanted to keep it close to Calgary,” Baldwin explains. “I do know a couple of people in Medicine Hat and really it was a no brainer that the community should have one considering the market ... at least there’s jobs to be had.
“The way we’re doing it will actually allow more people at a time to talk (to employers). It’s more relaxing.”
Baldwin says the approach Hire10 utilizes is more effective in that people seeking jobs will be in a better frame of mind and not just concerned about getting in there first. There won’t be on-the-spot hiring, but more
of an educational process between the two parties.
Obtaining employment is the obvious objective for
job seekers, but Baldwin says this has a different style and approach.
Unlike a lot of career fairs which are open and patrons arrive at an unscheduled time, Hire10 has assigned times.
To register, people need to go to the Hire10 website at
Tickets for sessions starting at 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and
2:30 p.m. are free. To attend at 9 a.m. tickets cost $5.
“I’ve been in recruitment for a long time. Hiring is
a process; rarely do you hire on the spot,” explains Baldwin. “It’s a first step. Hopefully (both sides) feel engaged.”
There is also a pledge that at the fair “human resources professionals will also be on hand to provide free
advice on your job search including resumé (writing), networking and (interviewing).”
Baldwin is confident the Medicine Hat event will
be a success as the three events in Calgary have been gone over well. These career fairs also will be in Edmonton Sept. 15 and Red Deer Sept. 22.
“We are constantly bombarded by negative imagery about long lines of unemployed people,” says Baldwin, acknowledging the images of a job fair at the Calgary airport where thousands of people showed up with resumés. “We tend to look for the negative. People need
to feel there’s a positive thing happening out there ...
it affects our performance at job interviews. I want there to be some hope .... get people in there hiring.”

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