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Trout wiped out in Acadia Valley Municipal Dam

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Those anglers who enjoy catching rainbow trout from the Acadia Valley Municipal Dam are out of luck for the rest of the summer.
On Aug. 20-21, officials discovered the trout were all dead.

Agricultural Fieldman Stacy Scheuerman, from the M.D. of Acadia No. 34, said there is an investigation which just started a few days after the discovery.
Biologists and representatives from Alberta Fish and Wildlife will visit the area. Water kits are also coming to thoroughly test the water conditions.
For now, the reason why the fish died is a mystery.
“We’re not sure at this time,” explains Scheuerman Aug. 23 about what they think caused the problem. “We’re not sure of what happened ... Oxygen levels dropped to nothing.”
She noted it happened at the Dam before in 2009 and at that time, it was determined there was lack of oxygen after a heavy rainfall.
Scheuerman doesn’t believe it was anything done on purpose, but regardless of the cause, the effect is there are no fish alive in the dam.
Now Scheuerman and others have the unenviable task of retrieving the fish carcasses. The water body had been stocked with 1,500 rainbow trout in the spring.
She added the dam’s main recreational use was by anglers as it is a popular spot.
Check the M.D. of Acadia’s website at http://www. or its Facebook page for further updates.

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