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Border highlights at Coutts for September

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Submitted by Canadian Border Service Agency
There were 35,135 individuals who crossed the border at Coutts in the month of September.
That equalled to 16,712 cars and 12,888 commercial trucks.
There were 278 permanent resident applications processed, 143 work permits and 24 study permits issued; and 102 people were refused entry.

On Sept. 1, two men were refused entry for previous convictions. The first man had a conviction for possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, and the second man for grand theft and spousal assault.

On Sept. 2, a man was refused entry after he was deemed criminally inadmissible. Officers carried out an extensive search and found three DWI charges, one reckless driving charge, and one charge of driving while suspended.

The officers’ search also revealed he had been in contact with a company in Calgary for work.

On Sept. 16, a man was refused entry for previous convictions of assault, disorderly conduct, obstruction, burglary, and possession of stolen property.

During the month of September, border services officers (BSOs) made 18 seizures with a total value of $78,374.99 and issued more than $20,000 in penalties. On the commercial side, there were 15 seizures and $15,000 in penalties issued.

On Sept. 4, BSOs seized several firearms and firearm parts from an Edmonton couple after they returned from a trip to Mexico. The firearms were seized and they were issued a penalty of $4,829.

The investigation is ongoing.

On Sept. 7, an Alaskan couple arrived at the port, on their way to returning home. Detector Dog Trooper was brought in and marijuana was discovered in the wheel well and next to the car battery. Officers seized 11.2 grams of marijuana.

On Sept. 9, a Canadian resident attempted to import a 1977 vehicle which he declared at $4,000 US. Upon inspection of the vehicle, officers found a bill of sale for the amount of $19,000. The vehicle was seized and a penalty of $8,226.08 was issued.

On Sept. 10, officers seized several rifle and pistol magazines, along with one prohibited rifle and a suppressor from an Oklahoma man travelling to Alaska. A penalty of $1,500 was given for the release of his vehicle.

On Sept. 17, two American residents were seeking to enter Canada when officers noted a smell of marijuana from their vehicle. Upon inspection of the vehicle, officers found 33.3 grams of marijuana concealed in the trunk. The drugs were seized and the men were refused entry into Canada.

On Sept. 18, an American resident had a loaded, semi-automatic rifle seized. A penalty of $1,500 was issued for the release of his vehicle. He was turned over to RCMP and was later refused entry into Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency is committed to keeping borders safe. Anyone with information about suspicious cross-border activity, contact the Border Watch Line at 1-888-502-9060. For information on CBSA, phone 1-800-461-9999.

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