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Officers will patrol Alberta roadways this July long weekend

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Contributed by Alberta Integrated Traffic Unit


The Alberta Sheriff’s Acting Deputy Chief Rick Gardner and the Officer In Charge, RCMP, “K” Division Traffic

Services, Superintendent Gary Brine, voiced their support for enhanced officer presence on Alberta’s roadways leading up to the Canada Day long weekend and throughout the entire month of July.  

Integrated RCMP and Sheriff

Traffic Units along with their Road Safety Partners will be stationed at key locations to remind people that good decisions surrounding alcohol use & safe driving habits can save lives and reduce injury on provincial roadways. Alberta’s Road Safety Strategy for the month of July is dedicated to increased awareness and safety for motorcyclists.


Acting Deputy Chief GARDNER says “During the summer months, especially on the July Long Weekend, traffic volume on Alberta roadways rise exponentially. This is certainly true concerning the number of motorcyclists that will be taking advantage of the nice weather. This coming weekend and throughout the month of July our integrated traffic officers will focus on driving behaviors that pose risk for Albertans. It is hoped our efforts will lead to sober and alert driving, increased use of seat belts, increased awareness for vulnerable road users and refraining from all aspects of aggressive driving”.


Superintendent Brine says "During the month of July integrated traffic officers will follow Alberta’s Road Safety Strategy which focuses on motorcycle awareness & safety. The July Long Weekend for most of  us is a time for travelling and getting together with friends & loved ones for celebration. Unfortunately our integrated traffic officers often have to deal with the tragic consequences of a few who choose to drink & drive, drive recklessly or disobey traffic laws that devastate so many lives. It is hoped that our officer’s focus and efforts during this weekend and throughout July will result in Safer Highways for the Citizens of Alberta”.


The Alberta Integrated Traffic Units are asking motorists to keep the following in mind before they head out onto Alberta roadways:


·       Make a conscious decision to plan your trip allowing yourself sufficient time to reach your



·       Refrain from aggressive driving, driving at unsafe speeds, following too closely or

      running red lights and stop signs.


·       Pay attention to the road & traffic conditions at all times and be mindful of vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists.


·       Buckle seat belts and ensure youngsters in vehicles are properly restrained in the

appropriate child restraint; according to their age and weight. 


·       Never get behind the wheel or operate a motorized vehicle after drinking. 


·       If you plan on traveling outside of the province make sure that you know the local traffic laws. For example, in British Columbia you can have your vehicle immediately impounded for seven days and your driver's license seized if you are traveling 40 km/h over the posted speed limit, and if you have a Blood Alcohol Content between 0.05 and 0.08 you can have your car impounded for three days and your driver’s license seized.


Integrated traffic units are dedicated to improving public safety on our roadways, through intelligence led delivery of the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan and Canada's Road Safety Plan. The goal is to achieve for all Alberta's communities the Safest Roadways in the World.


                           “Working Together for Safe Highways”

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