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Thursday, 02 June 2011 11:51

New mural for skateboard park in Brooks

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The City of Brooks announced a new project which will help enhance the appearance of the skateboard park, engage local youths, and discourage graffiti.

The City of Brooks has recently approved a mural to be painted at the skateboard park and the commissioned artist is a Brooks Composite High School student.

The Parks Services Department approached the local high schools for help in creating positive artwork for the park while reducing negative graffiti. The students have come forward and with supplies provided by the City, will be painting the first mural this spring.

The program is meant to continue each year with additional murals added that will be designed and painted by local youth.

Spencer Paddock, a Grade 12 student at BCHS, will be painting his mural design on the face of one of the waves in the park.

A BMX rider and avid user of the skateboard park, Spencer wanted his design to reflect skateboarding culture and be appropriate for the other users of the park. His hope is other users will respect the artwork and vandalism will not be an issue.

The design and plan for the mural was approved by Community Development Services Committee on May 24. A date for painting has not yet been set.

Rain barrel and composter rebate program

The City of Brooks Environmental Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new rebate program for rain barrels and backyard composters.

The City of Brooks will give a $25 rebate for either a rain barrel or a backyard composter purchased from a local retailer before Sept. 1.

The program is open to residents of Brooks and the $25 rebate will be applied to a utility account.

There will be 100 rebates available for 2011 and there is a limit of two per utility account. To receive a rebate, bring the receipt to City Hall.

There are many environmental and economic benefits to using a rain barrel and a backyard composter.

 The City is committed to implementing programs which will help conserve water and reduce municipal waste.

Benefits of a rain barrel include:

• Conserving municipal water supply because potable water is not used to water lawns, gardens or flowers;

• Rainwater is not treated with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals, which is better for gardens and lawns;

• Stored rainwater is warmer than water from the garden hose, so it will not “shock” plants or lawns;

• Cutting household water bills because excess water is not consumed for irrigation.

Benefits of a backyard composter include:

• Diverting waste from the landfill. If residents keep these organic materials at home, they prolong the life of the landfill and reduce the associated costs and environmental impacts;

• Improving the soil and plant health in gardens and flower beds and reduces the use of garden chemicals;

• Conserving water as compost makes the soil better able to absorb and return moisture.

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