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Free legal advice for disillusioned Alberta drivers

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(Marketwire) - Alberta's Distracted Driving law, introduced last month, is causing confusion among the province's drivers. Fines issued have been and will continue to be at the discretion of the officer, leaving many drivers at a loss as to their options and rights.

DAS Canada is advising these drivers to pick up a phone before pulling out their cheque books, offering Albertans a week of free legal advice in promotion of their DASdrive policy; the company offers a slate of Legal Expense Insurance policies geared at making legal services more accessible to Canadians, the majority of whom neither qualify for legal aid, nor can afford extremely high lawyer fees.

"People don't realize that if you get a ticket - particularly one that you disagree with - you have options beyond simply paying the fine," said Barbara Haynes, CEO of DAS Canada. "Before anyone goes out on the road without a clear understanding of the new law, or takes action on a ticket, they should be calling us for advice. Now they can do so - free of charge - for the entire week."

What?:    Free legal advice on questions pertaining to new Distracted      

          Drivers law                                                      

When?:    Monday, October 3 to Sunday, October 9 inclusive, 8:00 am to     

          midnight, 24/7 in emergencies (lines close 12 am, October 10)    

Who?:     DAS Canada                                                       

Where?:   Across Alberta, available to all residents

Albertans can call 1-877-88-ADVICE (1-877-882-3842) all week to have access to qualified legal advice on their distracted driving legal issues. Callers are asked to quote promo code "ABFREE".

DAS Legal Protection Insurance Company Limited (DAS Canada) is a subsidiary of DAS Group, a global leader in the ten billion dollar legal expense insurance market.

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