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Friday, 17 November 2017 07:16

U of L students, faculty band to help Puerto Rico

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After a devastating hurricane ravaged through the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico in September and left the nation overcome with disaster, the small community of Lethbridge banded together to help raise donations for the island struggling through a humanitarian crisis.

As the winter sets in and the rolling hills that is the Rocky Mountains become snow covered scenery, the Galt museum is hosting an innovative art project for the community to come out and enjoy.

Putting Beavers to work for watershed resiliency and restoration symposium is being hosted by the Miistakis Institute and the Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows and Fish), comes as the result of a lengthy study that looked at how landowners and beavers can co-exist in such a way to improve the storage of water, particularly during times of flood and drought.

Walking into the Crossroads Riding Arena in Oyen on Dec. 1-2 will be a journey into the past for visitors to the "One Night in Bethlehem"  interactive event.

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