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By Susan Quinlan
Southern Alberta
The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) recently announced completion of The Oldman Watershed Plan, promoting action to maintain the health of the watershed.

By Susan Quinlan
To assist Albertans who have lost trees to the mountain pine beetle, Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) has partnered with Tree Canada.
Through the ReLeaf program, Tree Canada is offering homeowners, private landowners and municipalities the opportunity to replace lost vegetation at a reduced cost.

By Susan Quinlan
Waterton Lakes National Park
Although most visitors to national parks know they’re not allowed to remove anything related to nature, such has not been the case when it comes to shed antlers in Waterton Lakes National Park.

By Susan Quinlan
Southwest Alberta
A study of wolf feeding behaviour was undertaken by the University of Alberta, given rising concern over the likelihood of these carnivores negatively affecting livestock in the province.
Results of the just under two-year study — part of the Southwest Alberta Montane Research Program — have since prompted changes in methods of disposing of carcasses, particularly in areas such as the County of Cardston.

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