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Southern Alberta
Due to bacterial contamination caused by fecal coliforms, Alberta Health Services is advising the public not to swim or wade in the Milk River at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. Signage has been posted around the park advising the public of this risk.

By Rose Sanchez
Southern Alberta

July and August is the two months Culex tarsalis mosquitoes are most active and that also means the potential for West Nile virus.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 15:56

Boil water advisory issued for Village of Warner

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Alberta Health Services (AHS) issued a boil water order for the Village of Warner, 69 km southeast of Lethbridge today, June 29.

Thursday, 02 June 2011 11:55

Cyberspace improves Alberta’s health care delivery

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By Susan Quinlan
Although even a decade ago, Albertans may have shuddered to think of their health care information hanging out in electronic cyberspace waiting to be hijacked, electronic health care records have become the norm.

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