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The ‘final offer’ tabled last week by health care employers has been found to contain at least two hidden contract take-aways that would result in a salary loss of approximately 3% for about five-hundred Health Sciences professionals, and reduced financial  recognition for educational achievement, Health Sciences President Cathy Dickson said.

Courtesy Cypress Health
Planning for the new proposed integrated health facility in Leader continued as the functional planning team wasted no time in welcoming its newest members following the selection of its architect and design consultants.

By Heather Dawson
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One in four Canadians aged six to 79 has vitamin D blood levels below internationally recommended levels, a first-in-Canada study led by the University of Saskatchewan, in partnership with Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, has found.

Courtesy Cypress Health
The Cypress Health Region has added a new ambulance to service the Maple Creek area, adding increased reliability to its vital fleet of Emergency Medical Services vehicles.

Courtesy HSAS

After spending weeks calling for a negotiated contract settlement, health care employers Thursday refused to negotiate when presented with a new contract proposal from Health Sciences, and promptly left the bargaining table, Health Sciences President Cathy Dickson said.

Courtesy HSAS

The Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan presented a counter proposal  to health care employers Thursday, building on the progress achieved with the latest employer offer, and pledging to remain at the bargaining table through the weekend, if necessary, to finalize an agreement.

Thursday, 09 June 2011 12:14

Health minister tours Swift’s hospital

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Saskatchewan Health Minister Don McMorris came to Swift Current to see how well one of the province’s newest hospitals runs. He didn’t leave disappointed.

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Staff at the Cypress Regional Hospital will now be under less stress in the event of an emergency while a woman in labour.

Friday, 03 June 2011 09:27

Leader Hospital to re-open June 20


After a one-year disruption of services, the Leader Hospital is scheduled to re-open its doors as a 24-hour community acute care hospital on Monday, June 20.


The Cypress Health Region is excited to announce that the Leader Primary Health Care Clinic has two permanent full time licensed physicians working within its walls.

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