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Frontier Days' Heavy Horse Show winners announced

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Frontier Days' Heavy Horse Show winners announced Contributed

The Swift Current Ag and Ex and Heavy Horse organizing committee from Frontier Days announced July 19  the winners of the Heavy Horse competitions:


The Swift Current Agricultural and Exhibition Association is pleased to announce the 2017 Frontier Days Heavy Horse Show results. Thank you to all the competitors, sponsors and the volunteers!

Heavy Horse Show Results Frontier Days, 2017

Gambler’s Choice:
Ken Crush, Blaze & Patches
Marty Bertram, Sugar & Spice
Chris Bertram, Bell & Jess
Travis Crush, Jesse & Frank
Ed Livingston, Hanna & Unity
Lane Telfer / Harvey McFarlane, Ed
Jordan Telfer / Harvey McFarlane, Ace
Glen Bishoff, Joe & Wally
Prairie Percherons, Crystal & J.C.
Lane Telfer, Bill & Ed
Jordan Telfer, Ace & Mike
Farm Chunk Team:
Sanguine Clydes, Ace & Mike
Light Draft
Sanguine Clydes, Bill & Ed
Heavy Draft
Prairie Percherons, Jinx & J.C.
Sanguine Clydes, Duke & Dan
Sanguine Clydes, Jim & Abe
Ladies Team Driving:
Nancy Holden, Sanguine Clydes
Tracey Bickford, Prairie Persherons
Ruby Sionski, Sanguine Clydes
Feed Scurry:
Ken Crush / Travis
Ed Livingston
Ken Crush
Chris Bertram
Marty Bertram
Reg. Yeld Mare
Delvin Szmutku
Farm Chunk:
Sanguine Clydes, Ace
Sanguine Clydes, Mike
Light Draft Gelding or Mare
Sanguine Clydes, Bill
Sanguine Clydes, Ed
Heavy Draft Gelding or Mare
Prairie Percherons, Crystal
Sanguine Clydes, Abe
Sanguine Clydes, Duke
Prairie Percherons, Magnam
Showmanship 18 Yrs. & Under
Sanguine Clydes, Lane Telfer
Sanguine Clydes, Jordan Telfer
Spring Foal – male or female
Delvin Szumutku
Registered Year Old Female
Delvin Szumutku, Elie
Prairie Persherons, Quilt
Reg. 2 Year Old Female
Delvin Szumutku, Gabby
Reg. Broodmare Female
Delvin Szumutku, Gracie
Yield Mare or Gelding – Light Draft
Delvin Szumutkyu, Iris
Yield Mare of Gelding – Heavy Draft
Prairie Percherons, J.C.
Prairie Percherons, Jinx
Champion (Junior) Mare-Foals – 1 year old
Delvin Szumutku – Gabby
Champion (Senior) Mare – 3 Years and over
Delvin Szumetku – Iris
Supreme Champion Mare – winner of Junior and Senior
Delvin Szumutku – Gabbie
Supreme Champion – Geldings, mares, stallions
Delvin Szumutku – Gabbie
Registered Clydesdale
Special Class
Delvin Szumutku, Elie
Delvin Szumutku, Iris
Open Cart
Sanguine Clydes, Ace
Prairie Percherons, Jinx
Sanguine Clydes, Ed

Ladies Cart
Sanguine Clydes, Ace
Prairie Percherons, Jinx
Sanguine Clydes, Ed
Log Skids – Demonstration
Glen Bishoff, Joe & Wally
Tandem Hitch
Sanguine Clydes, Ace & Ed
Unicorn Hitch
Sanguine Clydes, Ace, Dan,& Duke
Four Horse Hitch
Sanguine Clydes, Ace, Ed, Dan, Duke

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