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Ag Expo all about networking and knowledge

Written by  Stephanie Labbe
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Staff at Western Tractor check in on their fish they had at their booth at Ag Expo. Staff at Western Tractor check in on their fish they had at their booth at Ag Expo. Photo by Stephanie Labbe

Another successful Ag Expo has come to a close in Lethbridge. With 400 exhibitors at the event at the beginning of March this year many of them have been at the agricultural tradeshow annually.

Candice Barton with Dow AgroSciences has been with the company for eight years and says they’ve had a booth at Ag Expo since the event began.
Having a booth at the show helps the company stay in touch with their current and past customers.
“It just kind of comes with being in agriculture and the show really draws in a good crowd from southern Alberta, so it’s just important to be here,” adds Barton.
Generally, Barton says they don’t prospect customers at the show, but they have a lot of customers check out their booth.
The event was three days long and Barton says they definitely have their busy days.
“It’s consistently busy,” she adds about the show and that it’s encouraging to have so many people attending every year.
“(It) just builds relationships, builds up our brand, builds up if we have a new rep in place, they can meet a lot of people in one spot over three days,” adds Barton.
Kevin Sutherland, with FalCan Industries, says they too, have had a booth at the show every year since the show began.
FalCan Industries is based out of Fort Macleod.
“Connecting with our current customers,” states Sutherland about what he enjoys about being at the show.
Sutherland says they sometimes get a couple of new customers from the show, but generally it’s a place to connect with previous and current customers.
As well, being in the show allows the company to make more business connections with other companies.
Sutherland says some days they are quite busy at their booth, but it depends on the day.
Many people who attend the show as visitors have been going for years, such as Lorne Smith.
Smith is originally from Champion, but is now in Lethbridge.
He and his wife Virginia attend the show every year to see what’s new and to get new information on agriculture equipment and techniques.
“You get to see all the new ideas and get ideas and also prices,” adds Smith.
When he attends the show, he generally looks for information on everything about agriculture.
Smith says farmers are always updating equipment, so it’s helpful to be able to go to the show and get prices, information and ideas.
Smith says, “It’s well worth it,” to attend the show every year as it’s a one-stop shop for agriculture.
Every year there are new and improved innovations.

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