Wednesday, 23 November 2011 11:30

Extremely high wind peels off roof at Nanton High School

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Nanton RCMP report that strong winds up to 100km/hrs peeled off the roof of the local J T FOSTER High School in Nanton around 10 a.m. this morning.

Courtesy Alberta Government

With 96 deaths and 1,384 injuries caused by impaired driving on Alberta roads last year, Alberta has introduced new legislation aimed at improving safety on the province’s roads.

By Susan Quinlan
For those wanting to get an early start on their shopping, the Distinctly Nanton Christmas Market and Nanton Lights the Way events will take place Nov. 26.

On Nov. 1,  Milk River RCMP in conjunction with Canadian Border Services Officers made a significant illegal firearms seizure at the Canada Point of Entry at Coutts.

Southern Alberta
This year, the annual Living Gift Festival at Ten Thousand Villages pairs development projects with Fair Trade handicrafts, so that gift-givers can make twice the difference.

By Susan Quinlan
Southern Alberta
On Remembrance Day, Canadians and those in other Commonwealth nations, respectfully acknowledge the contributions made by men and women in our armed forces that have served and continue to serve.
Services will again be held at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, they’ll also be held in every town, village and city throughout the nation, “Lest we Forget.”

Thursday, 03 November 2011 13:06

Coalhurst woman can train chickens with a click

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By Jamie Woodford
It walks like a chicken, it clucks like a chicken, and it, um, plays piano like a chicken.
Indeed teaching a chicken tricks is possible with the help of clicker training. In fact, the practice of training chickens is one of the best ways for animal trainers to improve their skills, said Donna McLaughlin, a dog, horse, and now chicken trainer from Coalhurst.

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