Ryan Dahlman

Ryan Dahlman

Managing Editor

There were tears, hugs and a lot of love at the Seven Persons School assembly celebrating the Grade 5/6 class’s 1,000 T-Shirts project.

If Doug Tibben has his way, some new neon green and deep yellow farm implements will be hitting fields in southwest Saskatchewan this August or September.

Charisse Garland knows the highways and by-ways of rural southwest Saskatchewan like the back of her hand.
Garland is a sales agronomist with Richardson Pioneer based out of Swift Current.

The bottom-line action of Keynesian theory of economics states when you have an economy which is stagnating or stalled, has high unemployment, for the short term, create government projects and spend your way out of it with more social programs, more work projects etc. 

A collection of 10 short films about special people and places in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan was a hit with those who came out to see the film earlier this month and in May at nine different venues.

The Medicine Hat and District Health Foundation was the beneficiary of a June 10 fashion and talent show at the Liquid Niteclub in Medicine Hat.

Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:13

A buzz about learning about farm safety

When Bill 6 was introduced by the Alberta provincial government late in 2015 many within the agricultural community weren’t happy...to say the least.

The name Anderson was found a lot at the Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Association finals winners circle.

When I was 15, the last play of my minor sports career was me getting decked by a taller hockey player who knocked me out cold after I tried to run him over the boards in my small town rink in Saskatchewan.

Like many employees at the Medicine Hat College, Zoë Brooks-Lacasse, the well organized marketing officer for college advancement, looks forward to seeing the graduating students cross the gauntlet.

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