Matthew Liebenberg

Matthew Liebenberg


The recent progress with planning for a new long-term care facility in Swift Current was welcomed with enthusiastic applause by board members at a regular Cypress Regional Health Authority board meeting July 31.

The official unveiling and dedication ceremony of a monument to honour 16 Métis war veterans from Lac Pelletier took place on Aug. 3 at Lac Pelletier Regional Park. The creation of the monument is an initiative of the Prairie Dog Métis Local 123 Association to keep the memory alive of those Métis men and women who left their families in Lac Pelletier Valley to serve Canada in the First and Second World War and the Korean War. Families of these veterans came from all over western Canada to attend the event and to lay wreaths. Speakers at the event included Prairie Dog Métis Local 123 President Cecile Blanke, Métis National Council President Clem Chartier, Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Vice President Gerald Morin, former Lac Pelletier Regional Park Board Chair John Froese and Veterans Affairs Canada representative Bonnie Heidt.

The 19th annual Mennonite Heritage Village Watermelon Festival took place in Swift Current on July 28, 2013. Visitors enjoyed  slices of cold watermelon in combination with “roll kuchen”or rolled cookie, which is a deep-fried pastry prepared in large vats of boiling oil. The festival is the main fundraising event for the village and funds are used for the upkeep of the homestead and church. The Mennonite Heritage Village, which is located next to Kinetic Park, is open from 1 to 6 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until September 2.


The Speedy Creek Racing Association hosted two races during the past weekend. The scheduled race took place on Saturday evening, July 27, and the Sunday afternoon race, July 28, was a rescheduled event for a race that was rained out on June 15.
Saturday, July 27, Feature race results:
Trucks – 1st #13 Rene Panasiuk; 2nd #03 Coty Smith; 3rd #01 Stuart Johnson; 4th #17 Chris Daniel for Jenn Schultz.
Hobbies – 1st #11T Tyson Crowe; 2nd #7 Carson Crowe; 3rd #5 Destiny Klym; 4th #24 Murray Koethler.
Streets – 1st #35 Mike Dionne; 2nd #98 Daryl Kehler; 3rd #5K Stefan Klym; 4th #86 Bradley Kehler.
Modifieds – 1st #10 Dave Dease; 2nd #59 John Barber; 3rd #45 Trent Guest; 4th #46 Jason Duclos.
Sunday, July 28 Feature race results:
Trucks – 1st #03 Coty Smith; 2nd #13 Rene Panasiuk; 3rd #17 John Barber for Jenn Schultz; 4th #01 Stuart Johnson.
Hobbies – 1st #5 Destiny Klym; 2nd #88 Trevor Monk; 3rd #11 T Tyson Crowe; 4th #96 Dave Koethler.
Streets – 1st #35 Mike Dionne; 2nd #5 K Stefan Klym; 3rd #44 Kevin Schafer; 4th #98 Daryl Kehler.
Photographs show racing action from the very dusty feature races on Sunday afternoon, July 28.


The annual soapbox derby has been a popular Father's Day activity in Swift Current for the past 30 years, but this year's event was rained out and rescheduled to July 21. There were a total of 24 participants, with 13 junior and 11 senior racers. Below are the race results.

Junior A: 1st Kara Johner; 2nd Austin Calkins; 3rd Kiern Fielding; 4th William Prescesky.

Junior B: 1st Keegan Byers; 2nd Hannah Amundson; 3rd Keith Adam; 4th Nathan Byers.

Senior A: 1st Amisha Hockridge; 2nd Tristan Byers; 3rd Allison Fleck; 4th Krishin Hockridge.

Senior B: 1st Quenton Bucheler; 2nd Cole Wiebe; 3rd Justin Fehr; 4th Gaige Calkins.


Dirt racing fans finally got to see some action again in Swift Current after last month’s race was rained out. Rain also played a role this weekend, as the Saturday night race had to be rescheduled to Sunday afternoon, June 14. But the previous day’s rain helped to create a smooth looking track. This race was fan appreciation day and racing drivers were on hand during intermission to serve treats to fans in the stand. The racers also provided good entertainment on the track with close racing by the trucks, hobby stocks and street stocks. The winners of the feature races were:

Trucks – 1st #17 Chris Daniel (for Jenn Schultz), 2nd #03 Coty Smith, 3rd #01 Stuart Johnson, 4th #13 Rene Panasiuk.

Hobby stocks – 1st #11T Tyson Crowe, 2nd #24 Murray Koethler, 3rd #5 Destiny Klym, 4th #7 Carson Crowe.

Street stocks – 1st #5K Stefan Klym, 2nd #23 Troy Hunter, 3rd #86 Bradley Kehler, 4th #41 Cole Wall.


Saturday, 29 June 2013 13:36

Frontier Days 2013 Parade, June 29


Acclaimed authors and committed conservationists Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson highlighted concerns over the future of 62 former PFRA community pastures and the importance of preserving Canada's prairie grasslands during a four-day tour of southwest Saskatchewan, June 24-27. Their visits to community pastures and the Grasslands National Park was arranged by Nature Canada and Public Pastures - Public Interest (PPPI), a citizen-based organization devoted to maintaining Saskatchewan's public grasslands as healthy prairie ecosystems and working landscapes. Atwood and Gibson attended an informal come-and-go reception in Val Marie on June 26, where they were joined by PPPI's Trevor Herriot, Nature Canada's Ian Davidson and Guyra Paraguay's Alberto Yanosky to talk about their trip. On June 27 the group visited the Swift Current-Webb Community Pasture before departing to Regina for the Prairie Passages fundraising dinner for grasslands education and research. For more detail about the tour, visit the PPPI website.  

National Aboriginal Day was celebrated at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park on June 21, 2013. The event took place at Goodwin House, the location of a historic crossing on the South Saskatchewan River. The guest speakers were Métis elder Cecile Blanke from Swift Current, Saskatchewan Landing Park Supervisor Sheldon Kowalchuk and Wayne McKenzie of Regina. Scott Duffee from Saskatoon played on his fiddle and danced a traditional Red River jig.


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