It was a special Remembrance Day for the community of Morse this year, as they unveiled a new cenotaph to honour 480 men and women from the district who have served in the Canadian military since the First World War. The dignitaries at the event included a brother and sister who grew up in Morse and who are currently serving in the Canadian Military - Lieutenant Colonel Carla Harding and Captain Warren Hruska. Also present were Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP David Anderson and Thunder Creek MLA and Minister of Agriculture Lyle Stewart.


The swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected council members and mayor took place at the City of Swift Current Council Chambers on Oct. 29 with Mr. Justice Tim Keene presiding. Councillors were sworn in alphabetically - George Bowditch, Gord Budd, Pat Friesen, Denis Perrault, Ryan Plewis and Ron Toles. After reading the oath and receiving the mayoral chain from Justice Keene, Mayor Jerrod Schafer took his chair and welcomed councillors to the inaugural meeting of their four-year term. He emphasized the need for a cooperative spirit and a focus on economic growth and prosperity before adjourning the meeting.

The First United Church congregation in Swift Current celebrated the 100th anniversary of their church building on Oct. 20 and 21. The building was constructed in the Gothic Revival architectural style and it is a designated municipal heritage property. Events during the weekend included tours of the building on Saturday afternoon that took people from the beautiful church interior to the banner room and the adjacent Metropolitan Place and Knox Hall, where they could see the small chapel and various other rooms that are used for meetings and other functions.  At 5 p.m. on Oct. 20 there was a catered supper in the gymnasium hall. The celebrations on Sunday morning included music and a presentation by guest speaker Laura Balas, a former principal of St. Andrew's College. To commemorate the celebration, Jean Pearson made a special banner for the occasion that was on display in the foyer of Metropolitan Place.

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