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Ryan Dahlman

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CFB Suffield has issued a reminder that its range is used for live fire weapons training, and it is not only illegal to trespass but also unsafe.
Live fire training takes place from Aug. 20 to Sept. 2.  

You just never know, the future Brendan LaBattes and Chris Getlafs of the world may be down at the Riverside Park gridiron.

When one hears the term “clipped” and it has to do with birds, the thoughts of a wing being clipped for research purposes come to mind.

In 2006, Lamont, Alta. native Jane Hurl was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One of the organizers in Consul gave their inaugural Little Britches Rodeo July 28 high marks.

Christy Clark, you have the floor.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced July 27 that George Foster, 54, has received a three-year prison sentence following a smuggling incident at the port of Coutts in February 2012.

One would think someone who has seen as much success as 22-year-old country singer Mackenzie Porter has seen in her lifetime wouldn’t have a lot perspective on life.

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