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Maple Creek Music School getting people interested in music

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Maple Creek Music School getting people interested in music Facebook capture

Maple Creek is a multi-cultural and diverse community so when it was announced there was another addition to its arts community, it is not surprising it has been enjoying some early success.

The Maple Creek Music School has combined the efforts of southwest music experts Heather Macnab (Piapot), Chelsea Cox (Maple Creek), Alana Hansen (Maple Creek) and Barb Levorson (Swift Current).
Each has their speciality, but they all work together in trying to teach music to some eager students.
Levorson drives in from Swift Current to teach. She and Mcnab, who she calls the driving force behind the school met by chance and they decided to combine force.
“I am very honoured that she welcomed me into the school and expanded her original vision,” explains Levorson who is a certified music teacher in Swift Current and has studied under the Royal Conservatory of Music. “Heather is an amazing teacher.”
Levorson was considering expanding her piano lessons throughout southwest Saskatchewan and heard the music teacher in Maple Creek was winding down her classes.
There are small pockets of people here and there who really wanted to learn about music, voice, musical theatre and the arts in general. Levorson met up with Mcnab and soon was talking to Cox and Hansen and the idea of a music school was born and developed.
It has been welcomed with open arms.  For example, there is an adult SingStage class and they had a good turnout. Levorson is hoping more come out for the Dec. 15 (7 p.m.) class.
With that class or any of the classes, the instructors just want to teach basics in music, but in the most fun way possible. The skill level will come with time. 
The school is in the Jasper Centre (311 Jasper St.) and classes take place on a variety of nights. 
“It’s a fantastic venue, it’s beautiful and the people there are so welcoming,” explains Levorson who adds it’s good that the center is filled with music and singing. “There have been some challenges too, but it’s more about accessibility and getting people here and interested.
“We want to build that foundation and the studies will follow ... At this point, they’re beginning-level students. It’s like I’ve said before, it’s not about achieving (ultimately) perfection — it’s the journey.
“It’s really fun (in Maple Creek). Just me and the students, getting to know their levels. There’s a synergy there and vibrancy. I’m really enjoying it ... it’s really taken off.”
Levorson adds the commitment shown by the Maple Creek students, even though they are just starting out is impressive. She says they are working extremely hard and are giving her students in Swift Current a “good run for their money” in terms of practising commitment and work effort.
For her part, Levorson drives in once a week. She says it keeps her busy, but she wouldn’t want it any other way. She says it’s an honour to be able to instruct in Maple Creek. The quartet want to make it as accessible as possible for those in the southwest corner.
“I multi-task; I am very busy,” explains Levorson. “I’m getting better at valuing what’s super important with my time and I value going to Maple Creek once a week.”
For more information, see Facebook at www.maplecreekmusicschool or phone at 306-662-3432.

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