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World travellers Scarlett Jane loyal to Swift Current

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Cindy Doire, Andrea Ramolo Cindy Doire, Andrea Ramolo Photo contributed

Cindy Doire and Andrea Ramolo have been globetrotting and making music all over the world.

Across Europe, the U.S. and Canada, the rootsy, folk pop duo known as Scarlett Jane have enjoyed huge success recently.
They are going on a cross-Canada tour from their home base and will play venues big and small.
One thing the two consistently do is make Swift Current a priority stop. Tonight, (Oct. 2) they will hit the Lyric Theatre stage in downtown Swift Current. While they are based in Toronto, the two have an appreciation for Swift Current and have friends in the city.
“It’s all about connecting with people. We don't ever forget that, there was a large pocket of people from Swift Current, right from the start,” explains Ramolo. “I mean, we always play Foleyet, Ont. Who plays there other than us?”
On this day, Scarlett Jane were in the midst of media interviews, a TV appearance, on CBC radio and were just about to embark on a cross-Canada tour and back which will end in the Maritimes Nov. 21. They also play at The Geomantic Attic in Lethbridge Oct. 15.
It sounds busy, but they’re doing it all on their own, in an SUV rental.
Scarlett Jane, their new and second CD (2015) is different than their first, Perfect Stranger. Doire says they made a few mistakes on the first one and this one is “ballsy-er”. She says they both go work on their own songs and then come back together, and work on honing the lyrics and music.
“There’s a great energy there, not diluting anything,” says Doire. “We remain on the right track as we share a vision ... Part of it is inexplicable. Andrea and I are communicators. We want the same quality of song, music. Organically, we want the same thing. We’re definitely one with each other.”
Their sound is generally fun and upbeat, although lyrically, a lot of their songs are revolved around failed relationships.
The two friends are survivors though and are enjoying life and all that comes with touring.
Ramolo says they don’t listen to commercial radio as a lot of today’s music isn’t their cup of tea.
That being said, Ramolo adds they look to those they respect to inspire them. She says they are sponges when it comes to learning and are always trying new hooks to melodies. 
“Music exists to serve different purposes,” explains Ramolo. “It engages our minds and our emotions.”
Both have had successful solo careers and both are bilingual and have sung non-English songs. Doire is from Timmins, which is in northern Ontario, home of Shania Twain. She is French and notes this allows her to come with some unique layers to her English songs. She released her first solo album in 2007.
Both have travelled all over the world and while that would seem like a lot of fun — and it was — they both have worked hard. Doire taught English in Cuba for a time and lived in Mexico.
Ramolo, from Toronto, has gone back to her family’s native Italy to perform.
She has been a dancer as well as an actress with a couple of movies to her credit. The first was a 2003 TV movie which was a take-off on the children’s fable the Princess and the Pea. It included Carol Burnett and Zoey Deschanel. The other was a zombie movie in 2005.
Her first album was appropriately called Thanks for the Ride.
They have collaborated and written songs in Mexico and in Europe where there were no distractions.
In one song, Ramolo says the lyrics are  Havana, Cuba “personified”. That’s why exploring the world is so important — new scenes, new people, new ideas. They can get back to Canada and enjoy their home and native land.
“We’re dying to get back there (overseas),” Ramolo says of Europe. “It’s a strange land. (We) don’t know anyone and we can be more explorative in our songwriting.
“Toronto is so full of stimulation.”
Together, they harmonize perfectly. It really is a perfect combination of musical, songwriting and a strong stage presence that draws crowds wherever they go.
They can’t wait to get on the road and meet up with fans.
In Swift Current, the show Oct. 2 kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at the Lyric Theatre.

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