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Thursday, 08 January 2015 11:04

Husband/wife team have dream music tour

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Alt-folk duo Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen will be touring their "Honeymoon Tour of The West" to promote their Kickstarter funded second album release, the 12 song CD "New Disguise". They will be in southeast Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan later this winter.

Frechette, celebrated Winnipeg singer-songwriter, released a record breaking 10 albums in 2012, and discovered Laurel Thomsen, American violinist and singer, that same year via a chance YouTube sighting from opposite sides of the continent. The two became fast friends online and met a year later when they collaborated on a tour of Laurel’s home state of California.
“We’ve had so many audience members, even at our very first show less than 24 hours after we finally met, who’ve come up to tell us about this really intense and beautiful connection they can see and hear between Laurel and I. Our meeting, both online, and later in person, was definitely momentous and our musical chemistry is among the most rich and profound experiences I’ve ever had. We want to give it back to the world.” Powerful and magnetic talents in their own rights, this duo proves that musical magic is not only possible, but alive and quite well.
In contrast with their natural musical rapport, the two have struggled yet triumphed over incredible external adversity. Like any good story, theirs is filled with love and loss, bad guys and good guys, uncertainly and joy, and many, many performances over a relatively short timeframe. In 2013 alone they circumnavigated the North American continent, performing over 130 concerts and producing a debut CD. With exuberance, heartwarming harmonies, soundtrack ready violin and guitar lines, and stories of irony and triumph, wit and humor, they heard delighted audience members speak of "falling in love" with music all over again at their concerts. Over the course of 25,000 miles together, Dan and Laurel also fell in love, were married in May 2014, and are now based on the California Central Coast.
They will perform at a number of concerts in Western Canada from late January 2015 until mid March 2015, the first Canadian tour since the duo was married.
Frechette, Canadian entertainer, acoustic guitarist, uncanny impressionist, and prolific singer-songwriter with over 1300 songs covering every acoustic genre, including the The Duhks’ hit singles "Mists of Down Below" and "You Don't See It", has been performing high-energy and soulful concerts throughout North America and Europe since 1992. He’s been called one of Canada’s best on guitar and harmonica, inspiring many of the up and coming singer-songwriters now touring Canada. 'Sing Out!' magazine called Frechette "one of the most talented singer/songwriters I've heard in a long time."  
Besides her work with Frechette, Thomsen, American genre-bending violinist, singer, composer, and respected educator, has released a solo album, a band album, and has performed classically since 1998 and with a variety of California Bay Area bands and artists since 2002, both live on stage and in the studio. With an unforgettable tone and a way of offering every musical line or silence as a gift, she is sought for her ability to add depth and emotion to diverse styles of music and her knack for creating infectious melodies. The host of the Violin Geek Podcast since 2010, the author of two multi-media guides to string playing technique, a longtime Strings magazine contributor, and since 1996, a private and workshop lessons instructor to violin, viola, and fiddle students around the world, Laurel is passionate about not only sharing her music on stage, but also helping others find their own musical voices.
“Though our songs are all performed with acoustic guitar, violin, and harmony vocal lines, the sound of our music is stylistically very diverse. Audiences often tell us how much they appreciate that we change our style and pace throughout our concerts,” says Frechette. “I don’t think either Laurel or I have actually ever written two songs sounded the same! Our debut CD has 18 songs on it and I just don’t think you can't get away with that unless you change it up at least a bit! We often change it up a lot, but the instrumentation and our intention remains intact, giving, hopefully, a strong sense of cohesiveness even when we include everything from folk and Bluegrass, to Gypsy Jazz and even Classical,”
Since early 2013, Frechette has sold most of his possessions, including the 17 instruments he played on his CD’s, to fund his current passion of touring and sharing his music with Laurel.  
"Being on the road, sharing music and making friends, that’s what life is all about,” says Frechette. Thankfully, as long as Thomsen has the internet connectivity she needs to teach her students from the road via Skype, she couldn’t agree more!
The 12 song album runs 42 minutes and pulls out all the stops, with odes of pop rock flavored singalong anthems, epiphanic alt-folk, with nods to Texas swing, blues, celtic and latin music.
These 12 songs feature rich and durable tales inspired by past lovers, time worn friendships, incarnations, spiritual incarcerations, and mystical epiphanies wrapped into some powerful and memorable songs. Featuring the simple and evocative performance of Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen properly recorded in top fidelity on Frechette’s warm and earthy sounding guitar and Thomsen’s sweet violin, this set of songs paves the way for more recordings in the future." Besides to celebrate their love and triumph, Dan and Laurel return to Western Canada to identify another album’s worth of fan favorites, for release in Summer or Fall 2015. for more information on tour dates and their music.
Tour stops:
Saturday, March 7 - Brooks, A.B. - Red Roof Studio and Art Gallery. Trembecky subdivision 25 Highway 544, Duchess, A.B. RSVP: redroofstudio at  Phone 403-378-4276.
Sunday, March 8 - Medicine Hat, A.B. - Medalta Potteries presented by Medicine Hat Folk Club.  713 Medalta Ave SE, Medicine Hat, A.B.  Phone 403-529-1070.
Tuesday, March 10 - Swift Current, S.K. - House Concert. Contact Paula McGuigan.

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