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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 15:32

Hard working Regina singer hits Medicine Hat, Swift Current July 24

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For those music fans in Medicine Hat and Swift Current on July 24, don’t let Regina’s Tyler Gilbert and his easy-going demeanour fool you — the singer and talented folk musician is a hard worker.

On July 15, Gilbert is releasing his fourth album since 2008 called OK Murphy following countless appearances on tours across Canada and the northern U.S. He gained a lot of airplay on CBC and earned funding for the release of the new album by winning Rawlco Radio’s 10k20 contest.
Gilbert’s music depends a lot on lyrics with a message. The inspirational Break Free (of the Chains) is accompanied by his acoustic guitar and a deep strong bass, with little electric guitar. While trained on the guitar, he also is adept with the piano, bass and harmonica. His main influences include Zakk Wylde, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
When you listen to his music, it’s not at all surprising. His songs are thought-provoking and are a throwback to the days where songs had substance, yet were ones that will stick with you because of their strong musical quality. His earlier releases VOS (2008), The Re-Session (2010) and Tyler’s World (2011) have all been strong which have garnered a lot of attention around Regina and campus radio stations across Canada.
He was nominated for the Regina Mayor Arts and Business “Emerging Artist” award. WWF Earth hour used a line of lyrics from Gilbert to use for their Earth Hour anthem in 2012.
However, don’t think it’s all cake and no icing. Gilbert totally understands the importance of having a good stage presence and putting on a good show.
“For me, the setlist is something I hold of high importance,” explained Gilbert. He said he ties his setlist on a card to the top of the guitar and gauging what kind of crowd it is ,that will be his focus. He will generally play a lot of his thought-provoking slower songs in cafés while he will speed it it up in bars and larger venues.
Gilbert is winding up a tour with powerful Moose Jaw singer Megan Nash, who Saskatchewan Roughrider fans might remember as singing and also co-writing the new Rider song, Ride On. They both are in Medicine Hat at the Inspire Café at 1 p.m.. July 24 before they hit the road on the same day to play Louie D’s Lounge in Swift Current at 8 p.m.
“We met at a show about four or five years ago,” recalls Gilbert. “We did a tour in 2011 and now we’ve turned into kind of an annual thing. We’ve kind of got a similar approach and that helps being on the road together. We’re both pretty laid back. Some other performers, they get out there and all they want to do is party and they get to drinking. We stay away from partying too much.
“Megan has an amazing voice and sound. She’s really an amazing talent.”
Gilbert loves to tour. Being from the Queen City, he loves the reaction he gets from Western Canada music goers.
“I've toured Canada and it’s a little more warming than the East. It’s good to see familiar faces ...Take for example Swift Current, it’s one of the communities that has the fans appreciate what you’re doing and they ask questions after the show. For Swift Current, it has a lot of venues and the relationship between the community and the (music industry) is amazing.It always makes you feel good when they ask a lot of questions about your songs after the show.”
After being surrounded by music his whole life and creating his own demo tapes in 2003, someone convinced him he should try making a living with music. Gilbert played live for the first time in Pilot Butte more than five years ago and hasn’t looked back.
“Definitely you get more comfortable with playing in front of people and it helps you get the crowd involved more,” explained Gilbert. “Just lately I’m losing my nervous edge. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not — maybe I’m just getting more comfortable on stage. When I started getting into live shows, it was kind of addicting. I was getting positive feedback and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

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