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The Trews rocked the 75th Annual Frontier Days in Swift Current

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This year's 75th Annual Frontier Days wrapped up following an impressive performance by Canadian rockers The Trews, on June 30. The band is currently wrapping up their tour, with four more performances before heading back to Toronto to work on their upcoming record.


“We thought it was really fun, we had a good time,” explained The Trews' guitarist John-Angus MacDonald. “We didn't know what to expect, it's actually kind of bizarre for us to find a place we haven't played because we've been at it for a dozen years. It's always nice to find a new place, and come and play for new people, and I think everybody had fun.”


Following their show in Swift Current, the band headed to Regina to play Canada Day in Wascana Park, before finishing their tour with three shows in BC. The majority of their summer, however, will be spent in the studio.


“We are hard at work in Toronto now, putting together new material, so that's a huge priority and will continue to be a priority throughout the summer,” MacDonald noted. “We have about ten more shows and then we will be making the record.”


Their new record will be a PledgeMusic campaign, which is a new experience for the band. PledgeMusic is an online fan-funded music platform that facilitates musicians reaching out to their fan-base to financially contribute to upcoming recordings or other musical projects.


“It really seems like the business model that has governed the music industry for the past sixty years is pretty broken, you know, so the people at Pledge are taking a new run at it, and they are trying something fresh and original,” MacDonald said. “Rather than having a middleman label front you a bunch of money and then you never see a dime of it anyway, why not just go into direct business with your fans? To me, it makes a lot more sense. It gives the fans a chance to get in on the making of the record, and you can offer all kinds of stuff that you'd never be able to do for them under regular circumstances. I think it's a really fresh approach. It's an experiment, but I think it's going to be a good one.”


Connecting with their fans is important for the band, who are already excited to share new music with their audience. MacDonald added that it's the fans who really make the band, so being able to get up onstage and perform for a crowd is something that they always enjoy.


“Even at tonight's show, we played a brand new song tonight that doesn't even have finished lyrics, really, but everyone was just getting down with it,” he said. “There are these great surprise moments that just come out of nowhere, and really make your day.”

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