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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:15

SCMA Hanson Park stage provides great local entertainment at this year's Frontier Days

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In addition to checking out some great grandstand performers at this year's 75th Anniversary Frontier Days, local musicians will be showcasing their talents on the Hanson Park stage from 2:30-5:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. For the third year in a row, the Southwest Chapter of the Saskatchewan Country Music Association will be presenting a number of local performers working with an all-local house band to bring great music to the fairgrounds.


“A lot of our members have recorded albums this past year, or are currently in the process of doing so, and this is a great way for them to get some exposure right here at home,” explained Glenna Switzer with the Southwest Chapter. “It's also important for our younger members, who maybe aren't working on albums, but who need this experience. The more we can get these talented artists on the stage, the better.”


The chapter boasts a wide variety of members, featuring music varying from old country-western to newer contemporary country music like Taylor Swift. Members are also varied in their ages, with young, up-and-coming talent to seniors who have been making music for many years.


“I think that's why people love our shows so much, we've got something for everyone to listen to,” explained chapter member Connie Day, who is the Tour Director for the chapter this year and organizer of the SCMA stage at Frontier Days. “It's a lot of work for everyone, but it's such a labor of love. We all want to share our love of country music – the professionals and amateurs alike.”


For many new artists just starting out, the Southwest Chapter offers plenty of incredible opportunities for professional development and exposure. Through their grant program, members are able to access funds to help with the costs of recording music or renting a venue for a show/


“That's really what this is about, making it possible for these artists to perform here and get that experience,” Switzer noted. “There are some incredibly talented people here in this province and in our chapter, and this is such a great way to enjoy a rest at the fair and experience that talent for yourself.”


Day is looking forward to having the chance to share some of the new music she has been working on with her sister, for their upcoming album. Working with the house band is also exciting for her, since it's a bit of a special treat.


“This chapter is really like a family to us, and we only get to meet a handful of times each year,” she admitted. “Every time we do, it's like connecting with family, and I can't wait to share our new songs. I'm so proud of them, and I really want people to see that you don't have to go to big cities to hear some great performances – you can hear them right here in the southwest.”

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