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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 15:51

Local group Over The Air set to release album June 8 at Lyric Theatre

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Local post-rock group Over The Air will be hosting a CD release concert at the Lyric Theatre on June 8, giving music lovers the chance to check out their live show before picking up a copy of their newest album, Cold Hands.



“It's largely instrumental and sort of orchestral rock music,” explained Dana Rempel, who plays bass with the group. “It's taking a lot of things from groups like Radiohead or Coldplay, or even U2, a lot of effect-driven and texture-driven music.”


The group formed in May of 2011, after local musicians Darnell Stewart and Bobby Moore disbanded their previous group, Lions & Castles. They wanted to continue playing music, however, and both Rempel and Eric Hayes were excited to work with them.


“We were big fans of Lions & Castles when they were around, and I kind of wanted to keep that going,” Rempel admitted. “I think that what we built is an entirely different thing.”


Over The Air focuses on writing longer pieces that build or crescendo in different ways than the average pop song. Their music is also more abstract, and they don't usually involve lyrics. Two of the tracks on their newest album feature vocals, but Rempel explained that they are really subservient to the music.


“Because our songs are not lyrically driven, I think we are more likely to catch people with our music and allow them to drift into their own thoughts,” explained Stewart. “Whatever they see as they are listening, maybe past memories, it's all their own. And for me, I think it allows me to be as creative as I want to be. I always say that I would be happy playing any type of music, but I think this is the type of music that I'm most happy writing. It allows me to explore a lot of different chords and a lot of different ideas.”


Rempel added that while it takes a long time to work out the subtleties of their music, the payoffs for them are much more apparent. Away from the technical aspect of the music, he feels that it captures more emotion than any other musical style he's been involved with. Even the process of writing music allows the group to explore their own emotional connection to the sound.


At times, their music can be fun and energetic, quiet and thought-provoking, or just beautiful and pleasant to listen to. Since the group is inspired by so many different influences and styles, their sound is a culmination of all of their collective interests.


“We do a ton of improvising, looking at some sounds that we could use, and trying to figure out what story goes along with it, what are the images we see,” he noted. “More than anything, that's where the emotion, the way we play it, takes hold. Each of us brings our own personal experience to it, and drives that into the music. If we can feel it that way, and connect each of us individually, I think that helps the audience connect, too.


Over The Air will be performing at the Lyric Theatre on June 8 at 8pm, with opening act The Moon Runners. Tickets are only $10, and albums will be available for purchase at the show.

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