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Fourth Man in the Fire rocks at JUNOfest

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Local Grade 12 students Kennedy Thompson, Sean Fehr, and Luc Perrault had the unique opportunity to play at the University of Regina last week, as part of the JUNOfest excitement surrounding the awards show which aired on April 21 from Regina. Fourth Man in the Fire was selected as one of the top six bands to participate in the Juno showcase on April 17, through a SaskMusic contest and live Battle of the Bands.



“It was a pretty scary process for us, actually,” admitted Kennedy Thomspon, guitar and vocals with the band. “We have been wanting to record for a while and just got into a home studio, and that gave us a bit of incentive to put together an audition video.”


The band saw the poster advertising the contest on a billboard at SCCHS, and decided to film an audition video outside. They rented a generator and recorded their video on the cutbanks, and the video got them accepted to the live Battle of the Bands playoff.


“I know we were all hoping we would get in, but we knew the competition was stiff and that the odds really weren't good,” Thompson said. “It was really incredible for us.”


The band has only been playing together for a year and a half, but Thompson explained that they work very well together artistically. The songwriting process is something that they have been focusing on recently, and they were glad to have the opportunity to take part in a songwriting workshop at the JUNOs.


“It was really great for us to all be a part of that together, to all have an equal say in how the song was put together right from scratch,” he said. “We went from nothing to a final product, and that's a great experience. Working together, we allow ourselves to be creative and experiment with things, and even screw up while we are creating. It's a great environment, and I'm glad to have these guys beside me who are solid and exactly what our band stands for.”


Fourth Man in the Fire was the final performance on Wednesday evening, and Thompson explained that it was the band's first time putting on a truly professional gig, with professionals doing their sound and lights. He admitted that the moment was 'a dream come true.'


“We had a light show and fog, and we had a pretty big crowd who were very responsive,” he said. “We played as hard as we could, and put out as much as we could, and I think the audience really enjoyed that. It was so much fun.”


Currently, the band is reworking and recording some older material, and plan to continue playing together for another year to see where the band takes them.

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