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Harry Manx hits Lyric stage on April 25

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Although he has been in the music business for approximately 40 years, folk musician Harry Manx has only been a professional recording artist for the past fifteen. He will be bringing his extensive experience as an artist to the Lyric Theatre on April 25, as part of the Blenders music series.



“I was a street musician in Europe for many years, and then lived in Japan and studied music in India,” Manx explained. “When I came back to Canada in 2000, I jumped from the street to the stage and things really took off.”


At that point, Manx was in his 40s and was ready to be a professional artist, after years of playing for change. His music combines his variety of influences from across the globe.


“It’s really a mixture of blues and Indian classical, using elements of those styles to write my own original stuff,” he said. “I don’t know if they were really meant for each other, I’m probably forcing that relationship a little bit, and some people have said it seems like a recipe for disaster. But I’m very familiar with both, and I can find the common ground. It’s a new style, and it’s gotten me a lot of attention.”


Manx first developed a love for the blues in the 1970s, when he worked as a soundman at blues clubs in Toronto. His interest in Hindustani classical picked up during his 12 years living in India, where he studied the music.


“I always hope to inspire people to look a little deeper, feel a little more,” noted Manx. “I introduce them to some strange sounds, but they really get into it and enjoy it. I bring all of my experiences with me to the stage, musically or otherwise. It’s a great thing for me, to have arrived at this place where people are listening. It always inspires me to bring my best.”


After dealing with the police or street vendors while busking in Europe, Manx enjoys the calm atmosphere of a stage performance. Interacting with the audience is his favorite part of his job, and he is glad to be able to focus on that aspect.


“That difficult lifestyle made interacting a bit more of a challenge, and it’s nice to not get rained on,” he admitted. “This really is the best part of the scene, the exchange that goes on. I think both parties bring something, the performer and the audience, and it’s such a lovely meeting.”


Harry Manx will be performing at the Lyric Theatre on April 25. Tickets for the show are only $35, and can be purchased by contacting Shann at 306-778-2686 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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