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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 14:17

Alex Cuba brings Cuban music to the Lyric March 13

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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At the age of 4, Alex Cuba had his first on-stage experience when his father took him on a national TV show to play with one of his bands. Since then, the musician has been actively pursuing his passion, bringing his unique blend of Cuban-Canadian music to audiences around the globe.


“I had a pretty early start,” he admitted. “I just got more and more into it, playing every day. It was always a part of my life, and it just happened naturally for me. I didn’t really think about it. But it’s a blessing to be doing something that you love, and taking it all over the world.”


Cuba enjoys having the opportunity to tell his story through his music, focusing on sharing positivity with audiences wherever he goes.


“A lot of songwriters get inspired by sad things, but for me it’s the other way around,” he explained. “I go through life trying to do the best that I can, collecting spirit and stories from all around. I think that having my early start in music was very joyful for me – learning music was like drinking a glass of water. As an adult, music still brings me that same joy.”


Although Cuba’s music is difficult to understand for an English-speaking audience, he enjoys the challenge of communicating with the crowd. It allows him to take on the role of ambassador for both his country and the brand of music he creates.


“It’s very rich, it’s got a bit of everything – passion, melody, that’s what people love,” he noted. “It’s that positivity that allows them to have fun, even if they don’t understand the words. No matter how many people you see addicted to pain and suffering all over society, positivity comes down the road and people want to listen to it.”


Cuba performed in Swift Current at a Blenders show in 2009 and was eager to come back for another Blenders concert at the Lyric Theatre, to share music from his latest release.


“Every new album is a new story to tell,” said Cuba. “And that’s what I will be telling this time – my new story. This is an album full of awareness about what’s happening in our lives in the world these days. It’s a very noisy life, and that’s where the title of the album comes from.”

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