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Friday, 21 December 2012 15:41

Buckcherry heading to the Medicine Hat Jan. 8

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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Promoting the release of their upcoming album ‘Confessions’, American rock band Buckcherry will be touring across North America, with a stop at the Esplanade in Medicine Hat on Jan. 8.

The band was formed in 1995 by vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson, who met through a mutual friend. Todd had been performing in bands since the age of 16, and Nelson shared his longtime passion for music.
“When I was in high school, I started writing songs,” Todd noted. “I had a knack for lyric writing, but I wasn’t too great of a singer. I just loved it, though. And I was always thinking big – music was always a career for me.”
Todd started out setting up house party gigs, where he would get some older friends to come over with kegs and he would charge $3 for people to get in. When he met Nelson, they started working on songs together, and realized that they had a natural chemistry.
“We are not exactly the same. We overlap enough that it works, but we are very different people,” Nelson explained. “We appreciate difference. There are tons of reasons why it shouldn’t work, but we find ways to make it work and hone in on those similarities. And that branches off to the rest of the guys in the band, too. There’s something about the five of us, we don’t really have to think about it. It just happens.”
Although other members of the group have come and gone, Todd and Nelson have stuck with the band from their 1995 beginnings until now. For Todd, the experience of performing with one band throughout his career has been a dream come true.
“There is something to say about longevity,” he said. “To have a sound, to tour the world and build a fan base, to see it through all of the peaks and the valleys and weather the storms – that has really bonded us. It’s made my relationships strong and rich, and it’s what I’ve always hoped would happen.”
He noted that he feels fortunate to be able to make a living building songs out of nothing and then sharing them with the world. Nelson added that the feeling is quite humbling, to create something and then have people enjoy themselves singing it back to you.
“We are in such a cool position to be the soundtrack to other peoples’ lives,” explained Nelson. “To a degree, when you are in a rock and roll band, you never have to grow up. My father carried a tin lunch box to work every day, but I really get to live the Peter Pan syndrome and play my guitar instead. I’ve been very lucky.”
Although being able to pursue his dream has been a blessing for Todd, he admitted that he still gets nervous before every show. Whether it’s an acoustic show or a huge arena rock concert, he wants to present the very best finished product.
“I love seeing it all come together,” he said. “People don’t even know how much time is spent on a song before it ever even makes it onstage. When you finally get to perform it and you can see these people out there at your show, you can see the joy and the excitement on their faces, those moments always get to me. We created this in our dirty, grungy rehearsal room, and now it’s worldwide – inspiring all these people the same way other people’s music inspired me.”


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