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Hawksley Workman hits Lyric stage Nov 1

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Although his first venture into music was inspired by a simple desire to prove himself to a girl, singer / songwriter Hawksley Workman has managed to become a prolific multi-instrumentalist, with thirteen albums under his belt. Worksman will be bringing his blend of cabaret pop and glam rock to the Lyric Theatre on Nov. 1, as part of the Blenders special concert series.


Workman didn't consider making albums until later on, but he got his start in music from a very early age, singing in church when he was only five years old. His father played drums, and listened to records constantly, so music was always a part of Workman's daily life.


“When I was ten, I started to practice the drums almost non-stop, and for the next ten years I put a lot of energy and passion into playing and practicing,” he explained. “It's so funny now, I really think it's the life that chose me. I look back now, and it doesn't feel like there was even an option to do anything else. Music was total consumption.”


His first professional gig came at the age of fifteen, as a drummer in a country band. He continued drumming when he moved to Toronto, and made a pretty decent living as a drummer for hire.


“I was playing drums in a band for this pretty girl, and one day, we started to kiss,” he admitted. “After that, we were an item, but in the end I just never felt like I was anything but the drummer to her. And it made me angry, because I could make a record, too.”


Workman released his first album in 1999, and suddenly he was the singer in the band, instead of 'just the drummer.' The record took off, and Workman realized that this could be his career.


“It's funny how career paths go, I honestly didn't see that coming,” he noted. “All of a sudden, I just had this career happening.”


Since then, Workman has been able to make the music he wants, seeking out inspiration from people and places and some of the experiences he's had throughout his life. He added that he's been writing about the same things for most of his life.


“Humans do some pretty crazy, silly things. Some days they are wonderful, and some days, they are disappointing,” he said. “We are all looking for love, and then sometimes, people are trying to get rid of love. What humans do to one another, it's so confusing and strange that sometimes, you just can't help but be poetic.”


Workman uses this inspiration to create what he calls 'the music that he wants to make', which can change depending on the day. He prefers to write and record in a more spontaneous way.


“I'm sure that for some people, longtime fans of what I do, I either confuse them or I piss them off,” he admitted. “I think that with music, for me, I don't want to think too much about it. I just kind of do it. And in doing that, with that lack of meditation, it's easy to just wake up and record something acoustic, or electronic, or whatever. The less you think about it, the better it usually is.”


Workman recently moved from his residence in Toronto to a permanent home in a more rural area. He is excited to be a 'garden making, bird feeding, snow shoveling' kind of guy, which is more in tune with how he grew up.


“I'm a busy guy, and I realize that I haven't been on the road proper in a long time,” he added. “I've been thinking a lot lately about how it feels to walk out on stage and sing songs and just connect with people. I can't express enough what an honor it is. You don't usually get to have a career as long as the kind I've had. This is a great opportunity for likeminded people to be in a room together. If the songs are what connect us, I feel blessed to be able to sing.”


Hawksley Workman will be performing at the Lyric Theatre on Nov 1 as part of the Blenders special concert series. Tickets for the show are only $40. Doors open at 7pm, with music beginning at 8pm.



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