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Swift Current singer proving perseverance really pays off

Written by  Ryan Dahlman
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Talented singer/songwriter Vanessa Gauvin is going to be even busier than usual.

The Swift Current artist will be active this summer again after first entering the music scene in 2017.
Gauvin's has an EP Release Show July 14 for Devil man at Lucky Charlie's Pub featuring local band Emmett Hall. Gauvin is excited to release some new material.
"My debut album, Devil man, is about perseverance. Overcoming your own personal demons and finding strength in your weaknesses," explains Gauvin. "I went in to the studio with an acoustic feel, but as I spent more time in the studio everything morphed and grew into something richer. My sound expanded and grew from the experience, personal barriers were broken down and I felt more comfortable to use my full voice. I was deeply influenced by folk and rock but I also wanted to give it my own style as well, raw and reverbing."
Lyrically she has been inspired by Jim Morrison, Joni Mitchell Neil Young and Bob Dylan and loves the music of Van Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin and Patti Smith to name a few.
Skullcreek Studios, the Piapot-based audio production company headed by League of Wolves musician Aspen Beveridge brought her in to record a single. Gauvin said she was so impressed with how her music was produced she decided to stay and recorded an EP.
Adding jokingly, "They also just kept feeding me the most delicious homemade food, so I stayed."
Gauvin was part of a fundraiser for the former Piapot School which is home to Skullcreek Studios. There were numerous performers there and Gauvin attended and was wowed by the experience.
"It felt pretty magical to share that space with all of the guest who came out for the fundraiser," Gauvin says. "I was very excited  to have friends and family come out and experience the studio I kept talking about. It was so amazing to see the support for such a special artist retreat/recording studio. Aspen and his family are a gift to our music community."
She says she really hadn’t known Beveridge long before she  recorded at Skullcreek, After a string of emails and finally meeting him when she opened for League of Wolves at the Casino for the 2017 SwYES 3rd Annual Concert in the Sky fundraiser, she says both sides made plans to record a single.
"(Beveridge) helped me grow as a songwriter, encouraging me to be more direct to my audience," Gauvin explains. "I feel fortunate to have worked with Aspen, he carried his professionalism throughout the album. He stays focused on the task at hand, calm, purposeful and very talented. He also had the tracks ready for me in no time at all."
She says since she started last year, it has been a time of growth and a musical education. She says she has taken more time to reflect on her song lyrics and how she can better express and connect herself to more listeners. Not foreign to music her family is quite artistically inclined. Her brother Nic plays in a band, father Vic Gauvin is a well-known musician in Swift Current.
It has improved a lot since she first performed at Lucky Charlie’s at an open mic night a few years ago.
Fast forward to June 2018 and Lucky Charlie's was the scene of another event when she won Lucky Charlie’s Idol. She noted at that time how far she has come.
"I’ll never forget shaking at the knees during my earliest performances. The tension you carry when you’re feeling nervous effects the quality of your performance, but for many novice performers it’s an inevitable part of the process" Gauvin explains. "It’s the utmost importance to persevere through those emotions. These days I’ve grown more comfortable, instead of feeling scared or nervous I feel like I’ve embarked on a new plain where I’m embracing the audience and welcoming them into my world. I look forward to being on stage and continuing to grow as an artist."
Last year, Gauvin still wanted to look into nursing as another profession besides her music. That hasn't changed.
She thinks the two can actually be combined. She started the Practical Nursing program at Great Plains college last fall and was just finishing her first year.
"I’ve decided, 'Why choose 1 when you can do both?' she explains. "The blend of these careers will compliment each other. My compassion for others through nursing will inspire my song writing. My passion for music will be a holistic tool used to comfort and connect with patients in my nursing."
Emmett Hall will open for Gauvin July 14. The extremely talented Emmett Hall will be performing, starting things off at 8 p.m. Emmett Hall consist of: Dustin Olmsted, Eric Warren, Michael Gould, Michelle Lee-Klaasen, and Ian Klaasen.
The band is described like this: “After playing together for nearly six years, Emmett Hall has established a unique sound, moving seamlessly between folk-rock grooves and catchy pop hooks. With members residing in Swift Current, Saskatoon, and Regina, the group has met the challenge of maintaining their dynamic connection and commitment to music - a driving force in all of their lives. The members of Emmett Hall have become a family and are dedicated to writing music that is unique and fun with lyrics that try to capture prairie life, coming of age, and finding solace in the everyday mundane. The band recorded their debut and self-titled EP in the summer of 2016 and continues to write new music.”
In the meantime, Gauvin wants to hit the road and tour during the summer.
"I’m looking forward to being able to tour the album. I built this album in order to have something to present and promote my music," explains Gauvin. "Now that I have an album I’m hoping to book some festivals and gigs. Hopefully you will be seeing my name around more often."
Tickets for the July 14 +19 show are available right at Lucky Charlie's Pub or contact Gauvin at 306-315-3164.

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