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Thursday, 01 February 2018 09:58

Kitchen’s Orbits circles GMA awards twice

Written by  Ryan Dahlman
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Keith Kitchen was feeling out of this world last Saturday... one could say almost in orbit(s).

The Swift Current singer/songwriter/musician was on hand to take in the 39th Annual Covenant Awards at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton Jan. 28. The Covenant Awards represent the best Canadian Christian music awards and are presented by the Gospel Music Association (GMA) Canada.  Kitchen took home two awards after being nominated for six national awards.
Kitchen won for the coveted Folk Album of The Year for his popular CDOrbits as well as CD/DVD Artwork Design (along with partners creative partners Brent and Caroline Flink from Flink Creative).
Kitchen’s Orbits was also nominated for Inspirational Album of The Year; The Joy Radio, CJYE Male Vocalist of The Year and The Joy Radio, CJYE Song of The Year for Keeper Of The Fire. Keeper of the Fire was also up for the Inspirational Song of The Year.
Kitchen was confident that he would take home some sort of hardware but wasn't sure what.
"To come back with two is pretty great," says Kitchen who says be amongst his peers was a huge honour and thrill for him.
He was also humbled by the fact he was sitting with his mentor and musical hero Steve Bell who was also nominated – and perennial winner –  in the Folk Album category. "Steve was more excited when I won than I was. Our friendship has progress and for him to be front and centre with me there, that (was something special)."
Bell was honoured with the 2018GMALifetime Achievement award during the course of the evening as well.
Kitchen says while it was fun to win, he adds those feelings are fleeting ones though.
"Like someone told me once, awards are like cotton candy, they taste sweet, but they aren't nourishing. Being able to share with his peers was far more important.
Kitchen says the major thrill was to be amongst fellow Christian artists, producers and musicians.
To be recognized by those he respects and enjoys was humbling and inspiring.
"The feeling you get being amongst your peers, it was a really good experience because a lot of the time you feel like an outsider, but to experience the camaraderie with these artists was really great," says Kitchen, who for example, got to talk with the legendary Brian Doerksen.
Because of the fellowship before and after the awards with many artists, Kitchen had some preliminary discussions (i.e. Doerksen) to do some collaborations down the road.
It was the first time Kitchen says he was on hand for an awards ceremony and got a chance to address the crowd after accepting the Folk Album Award.
Kitchen says he will hit the road again soon and loves the fact he can connect again with people. He says people do enjoy Christian and inspirational music as people are looking to get away from the negative.
"In this world we live in where there is so much cynicism, so much pessimism, (inspirational music) is needed.”
He doesn’t go on long stretches of touring, just once a month, he will take a weekend as he is devoted to his family and doesn’t want to be away for too long.
The Covenant Awards culminated a three-day event.

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