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Becky Lynn nominated for prestigious SCMA award

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Talented country music singer Becky Neustaeter started her young — dare we say Fragile — career off with a bang.

The Swift Current talent received some good news earlier in February when her self-titled release Becky Lynn was nominated for the Saskatchewan Country Music Association’s (SCMA) Album of the Year. It is exciting news as she will be amongst a talented group who will be part of the 28th Annual SCMA Awards Weekend and Country Music Festival which is March 31 to April 2 in Saskatoon.
“I feel very honoured to be nominated. Saskatchewan has lots of incredibly talented artists, so I’m grateful to just be nominated,” explains Neustaeter. “It’s also very rewarding (as) myself and everyone who helped make this album possible worked very hard, put in lots of time and put so much heart into it.”
Neustaeter was at home with who she describes as her biggest supporters — her parents — when she found out about the nomination. She says her reaction was a mix of surprise and excitement. She was also happy for those she surrounded herself with and who helped her with her first CD release.
“My producer, Mark Penner, and lots of the musicians who played on my album are nominated as well, so I was also extremely proud of them,” explains Neustaeter. “There’s just nothing quite like the feeling you get being nominated for the very first time for your very first album. Although, I’m not sure if I was more excited or if my parents were.”
It’s been a learning experience for her. Being relatively young, she’s still learning about, not only the nuances of singing, songwriting and playing live, but just about the music industry itself.
It’s a learning curve, but she has found out a lot of things about herself too.
“Being in the music industry is so much fun, but also tough. I’ve learned to stop comparing myself to others and to play music because it’s what you love to do,” she explains. “Making this album made me realize that I’m a perfectionist, so learning to let that go was probably the most difficult part of the whole process because nothing can ever be perfect. Songs sound better if you’re not trying to do everything perfectly. It’s best when you just let yourself relax and feel the music.”
Neustaeter is reflective of the whole experience. It’s not a methodical process per sé, but the end result is the same — a true sense of accomplishment.
She loved watching her songs go from jamming, strumming some cords on the guitar or playing some keys on the piano, “scribbling a bunch of lyrics on to a piece of paper to them slowly coming to life in the studio” until composing something, recording it and then hearing the final product.
“It's a very cool experience,” she says. “I just keep thinking back to all the moments that influenced these songs, from the times where someone would say something that inspired me, to something in my life happening or the random ideas that would pop into my head in the middle of the night.”
As far as the future is concerned, Neustaeter will see how Fragiledoes at the Awards night.
She is first going to enjoy this album before thinking about doing another one, but adds it was an enjoyable process that she would love to do again.
“It definitely gives you motivation to not give up and to keep on pursuing music. It’s great knowing that people enjoy your music as much as you do creating it and sharing it with them,” explains Neustaeter. “I mostly only play at local events, so I’m hoping this will help me to expand and meet new people.
“Nothing will ever beat playing at home for such welcoming, friendly and supportive people. As for songwriting, I’m always writing new music and working on unfinished songs.”

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