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League of Wolves earns big money from Rawlco Radio

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The hard rock band League of Wolves, which was started by four musicians from Maple Creek, held a sold-out EP release show at the Lyric Theatre in Swift Current, earlier this year in April. The hard rock band League of Wolves, which was started by four musicians from Maple Creek, held a sold-out EP release show at the Lyric Theatre in Swift Current, earlier this year in April. File photo

For the League of Wolves, it’s like it should be —both in the name of their last release from 2015 and also with the band’s current status.

The southwest Saskatchewan band, consisting of Dillon Currie (vocals, guitar), Ethan Stork (bass), Aspen Beveridge (vocals, guitar), and Greig Beveridge (drums, vocals) earned $10,000 through Rawlco Radio’s 10K20 program.
According to Rawlco Radio, “10K20 funding is intended primarily for the completion of a finished master. Your funding should be used to complete the pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering phases before being put towards CD design or manufacturing.”
“It was a bit of a surprise for that grant,” explains Aspen Beveridge who was aware of the program for a while, but heard the good news Oct. 20 in a phone call from a Rawlco representative. “It was a great thing to hear the first thing in the morning that day.
“We’re still turning heads. We’re proud that we came out of that (with the money).”
Guitarist Leot Hanson has been making a musical contribution as well to the band. One of the more famous performers who were past winners of the 10K20 were The Sheepdogs who were once on the cover of the world-renowned magazine Rolling Stone.
“He's a huge part of the album. Many of the songs started from ideas he brought to the band. Leot and I spend a lot of time working on demos in the studio and developing arrangements and writing lyrics,”says Beveridge.
Other notables of Swift Current who have been awarded Project 10K20 Saskatchewan grants include Swift Current’s Colter Wall and Julia Dawn. It was a pretty exciting development for the band who are currently working on the next effort to follow up the 2015 work titled It’s Like It Should Be.
“There are no strict stipulations on how to use it, it’s up to us. Just put it towards the budget of a new work,” explains Beveridge who says they have about 25 songs ready, but they want to narrow it down to the best 10 to 12 to put on the new work.
Aspen says they have big plans for it as the goal is to travel to Nashville to record the new CD where they would like to work with Grammy-award winner Jacquire King who mixed their last effort.
“(King) has offered to produce it,” adds Beveridge with some enthusiasm. “So we’re going to do whatever we can to make that happen.”
Beveridge and his family actually own a recording studio themselves — in the former Piapot School — but says the opportunity to work with King again was one the band just couldn’t pass on.
He says they have played some shows recently, but they are not pushing hard on a tour as they are saving money in order to be able to get to Nashville. Part of the reason is that it’s cheap to go down there, but what they want to do is immerse themselves in the music scene. He adds when people think Nashville and Tennessee, it’s all about country music. Beveridge says it’s not just country as there are a lot of musicians from a lot of different genres including hard rock which is the Wolves’ specialty.
“The reason why we are going to Nashville is that it’s not just a country city. Now it’s a meeting place for all musical types. Rent is cheap, they will have lots to do and places to play. There’s more culture and it’s kind of an epicentre for music,” says Beveridge. “It should open some doors. King knows a lot of people and he will point us in the right direction of people we should be talking to.
“We’re not going to hide over the next while but we won’t be playing as much ... the priority now is to stick closer to home and get ready.”

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