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Wednesday, 11 March 2015 15:39

Treasure Island continues at Rosebud

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Rosebud's presentation of Keating theatre's Treasure Island performances continue March 12-14.



The famous  troupe arrives in Rosebud to present Treasure Island but half of the cast doesn't show up, forcing the stage manager out from behind the scenes and onto the stage. What does the remaining company do without the missing props, costumes and actors? Pull off the performance of a lifetime. The classic pirate tale full of adventure, swashbuckling, and intrigue succeeds with some very creative improvization and much help from the audience. Based on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson and adapted for the stage, Treasure Island has enjoyed successful runs at Stage West Theatre and Aquarius Theatre in Ontario. It's been rewritten especially for the Rosebud stage.
"The touring company arrives in Rosebud but one of the two buses containing props, costumes, and a good portion of the cast was inadvertently sent to Edmonton," explains playwright and RCA executive Adam Furfaro. "They find themselves on the Rosebud Opera House stage 5 minutes before curtain. Ms. Keating, the tyrannical company manager decrees that 'the show must go on under any circumstance and the company will simply have to deal with what they've got'. What takes place in the next hour is a testament to the imagination and creativity of the cast and crew."


Director Mark Lewandowski says that "Most of the fun stems from the actors playing multiple characters who are finding very clever ways to tell the story, like using a hockey stick as a prop, fighting without proper swords, compensating for Long John Silver's missing peg leg and creating the pirate ship Hispaniola. Working together, they still manage to tell the classic Treasure Island story, but the hilarity comes from the play within the play."


Third-year Rosebud School of the Arts student, Kait Sloboda, plays Emma, the stage manager who faces dismissal by company owner Ms.Keating (Resident Company Member Jeany Snider last seen in Doubt) if the company can't perform as planned. Sloboda was last seen on the Rosebud Opera House stage last winter when she was part of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ensemble. Thirteen year old Donovan Snider, who played the role of Jack in the 2014 Theatre For Young Audience offering, Jack's Giant Adventure, tackles the role of Emma's younger brother Eddie, who is eager to be cast as a replacement actor and help the remaining company members solve the many challenges before them.


"School groups and families coming to see Treasure Island will be entertained by both the original Robert Lewis Stevenson story as well as the antics amongst the cast," adds Lewandowski.  "This is a great adaption filled with talking parrots, golden treasure, stage combat and a boat load of fun little oddities."

Furfaro notes, "The production is completely interactive and the audience gets the opportunity to do sound effects and be totally immersed in the show.  Some of the audience members even get to play pirates."

Rosebud Theatre For Young Audiences is sponsored by Chinook Financial.

Treasure Island is suitable for young audiences ages 3 and up, and for the young at heart. 
March 12th, and 13th  two performances daily at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm
March 14th at 1:00 pm
School groups receive a special rate with a lunch option and can book tickets through the Box Office.

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