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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 17:08

Chautauqua set to kick off at Swift Current's Lyric Theatre on July 11

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The Lyric Theatre's annual Chautauqua Theatre Festival kicks off on July 11 in Swift Current, and promises a busy weekend full of fantastic one-act plays for theatre lovers of any age.


“Theatre brings people to a room together to share a unique experience,” explained performer Kate Braidwood, who will be presenting Grim & Fischer at this year's Chautauqua. “I think theatre brings cultural life to a city, and that's so important, to be exposed as much as you can to different things.”


Braidwood performed at last year's Chautauqua in the play Loon, and is looking forward to trying on a new mask as an elderly woman in Grim & Fischer. She feels that while the full-face mask plays that she does can be compared to a live-action version of a Pixar movie, there really is no substitute for theatre.


“This is a style that can't be mimicked in any other form – you can't see this in the movies or on TV,” she admitted. “It's a really whimsical, magical style of theatre that is something that a lot of people have probably never seen before, unless they came to Loon last year. But they can expect to laugh and cry and have a wonderful time.”


Another returning performer this year is Christine Lesiak, whose new play Fools For Love is a clown show for adults. Mainly a non-verbal show, the performance will include a lot of mime and sound effects provided by the actors themselves.


“If you've never seen a clown show for adults before, I think you will be incredibly surprised by what it is,” Lesiak explained. “We like to say that we hold up a funhouse mirror to our own lives, so that people can see their own stories in what we do. But because it's a comedy, it kind of sugar coats that catharsis.”


What makes this style unique is that the performers are more able to interact with the audience, and are frequently reacting to whatever the audience does. This makes each show different, which is exciting for touring actors who perform the same show 50, 100 times.


“Clown, when done well, has an honesty, a rawness, a vulnerability about it that is really unlike any other kind of performance,” added Lesiak. “I believe that we are all artists, every one of us has a creative need inside, and when you see live theatre or any other type of art, it really helps encourage us to pursue whatever we are passionate about, creatively.”


For more information about Chautauqua and the other performances that will be showcased at the Lyric Theatre from July 11-14, visit their website at

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