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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 15:13

Write Out Loud series to feature Lia Pas on April 17

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For as long as she can remember, Lia Pas has been writing poetry. This multi-disciplinary creator / performer will be appearing at the Lyric Theatre on April 17, to read from her current work in progress – a manuscript of poetry, performance scores, and biofiction around the theme of anatomy.



“I have a deep fascination with anatomy,” Pas explained. “I think the reason that started is because my mom is a physiologist, and I grew up in her lab, with textbooks all around the house. A few months ago, she was cleaning out boxes of these old books given to her by her mentor, and she gave them to me. She’s been a big influence on what I do.”


Another strong influence for Pas was her uncle, who married her aunt when Pas was a young child. Whenever her uncle would visit, he would read poetry and play sound games with Pas, and encouraged her to pursue her interest in writing.


“I’ve always really liked language, the sound of language,” she added. “A lot of the work I’m doing now is more experimental, not really about telling a story. It’s more about the sounds of the words, about how images and juxtapositions make someone feel. It’s not poetry in a classical way, it’s exploring images, sensations, and ideas.”


It’s this unique exploration that Pas will be presenting at the reading. The audience will be able to see images and text on a screen, and Pas will read the work in a more performance-based way, rather than a traditional reading.


“This is a work that I am just finishing up before sending off to publishers, and doesn’t even have a title yet,” admitted Pas. “It can be read in a lot of different ways, and when I read them, depending on my mood, it sounds different each time. It’s all based around anatomy, though, and some of the work is collages of old anatomical engravings and text.”


Pas frequently uses anatomical drawings to find inspiration when she struggles with writer’s block, and loves reading old textbooks. This fascination has inspired her for the past ten years.


“The way they talk about the body is scientific, but it’s almost metaphysical,” she explained. “It’s very strange language. And the engravings are exquisite, very artistic. I find that very inspiring, and whenever I’m stuck I turn to these textbooks to help me get going again.”


Pas will be reading at the Lyric Theatre on April 17, and musical entertainment for the evening will be provided by local singer-songwriter Dave Cyca. For more information, contact the Lyric Theatre at 306-773-6292.

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