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Swift Current Little Theatre auditioning for upcoming show

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After a bit of a hiatus, Swift Current Little Theatre is back in action. This week, the group held auditions for their upcoming spring production – Norm Foster's 'Old Love'. The play follows Bud's journey over three decades, to finally earn the love of the woman he is smitten with.


“The play opens with him making a pass at Molly, who has only just buried her husband,” explained Ken Johnson, director and co-producer of the play. “He comes up, strikes up a conversation, and invites her out to dinner. As incredibly out of place and ignorant as that sounds, you get to understand why it's not that crazy by the end of the play.”


The play is written for a limited cast of only four people, but Johnson admitted that might be a challenge. Much of the play includes the two main characters in flashbacks, and he is still trying to decide if they will have the same actors portray the older and younger characters, or have another couple fill the 'younger' roles.


“We are hoping to work in some new people, as well, but that's also difficult for us to do,” admitted Johnson. “When we are reading plays, it's so easy to look at the talent that you already have and think of them for certain roles. A lot of times, we find plays to match the talent that we have.”


It's also a bit risky for the group to cast newcomers in a major role, since the responsibility requires a great deal of commitment. Johnson explained that they try to find plays with smaller roles that can be filled by new members of the group, to get everyone feeling comfortable.


“You want everyone to be successful each time, and watching some of the new people who auditioned, it would be so great to work them into a play, but if they aren't successful they usually don't come back,” he added. “We aren't like some groups, who find a play that will fit everyone. The way we do it isn't as generous, I suppose, to those who want to act, but we are trying to build a product that people are willing to pay for.”


He explained that in this age of Netflix, where people can pay next to nothing to watch a professional, Hollywood movie with perfect sound and perfect lighting and perfect effects right in the comfort of their own homes, it's difficult for them to compete.


“It's tough to do live productions now-a-days, when people expect so much,” Johnson said. “But that doesn't mean we don't keep trying to get new people involved. We have to bring in people and help groom them to be a real asset to us onstage, because sometimes people can't always stick around, and we need new people coming in.”


'Old Love' will be presented on March 14, 15, and 16, and again on March 22 and 23. The play will also be presented as part of the Theatre Saskatchewan festival in North Battleford, on April 3.

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