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Friday, 09 November 2012 16:14

Swift Current Little Theatre returns with spring production

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For the first time in twenty years, Swift Current Little Theatre skipped their annual fall production. However, the group has already selected a script for their spring production, which will be moving ahead as planned in the new year.


“The trend within the group is that we have less people doing more jobs, all the time,” admitted SCLT President Bruce Rayner. “You might not be just the director – you’ll also have to be the stage manager, producer, and build sets.”


In previous years, with more people involved, one person took on one job, making a well-organized team. Now, even though those who are active in the group are very keen to take on more responsibility, Rayner noted that sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge.


“When you split your time between so many jobs, some end up getting a bit neglected,” he explained. “I know we are all working hard, but at the same time, this is really supposed to be more fun.”


Although many longtime members are still an active part of the Little Theatre family, others have had to take a step back from the group due to other responsibilities and commitments. With other theatre events within the community like improv at the Lyric and locally made film Zombageddon providing outlets in the off-season, Rayner is hoping to see more people come out to participate in Little Theatre as well.


“We haven’t had too many new people join the club in the last little while, and we’d like to see that change,” he said. “Some people come for only one production and leave, because a lot of times people just want to audition and start acting.”


While the group tries to find script that allow for many smaller roles to be filled by newcomers, it’s difficult for them to offer lead roles to people who haven’t been involved in Little Theatre productions in the past.


“We want to help people get their feet wet, but we also have to give the audience our best show,” Rayner admitted. “Putting a brand new person in a big role is pretty risky when you don’t know what they can do.”


However, the group works hard to make sure that every member is a part of the family. They are hoping to attract more energetic young people to help out not only onstage, but behind the scenes as well. Rayner hopes that their comeback in the spring will help rejuvenate the group.


“I’ve been in mourning this September and October, not having a play on the go,” he admitted. “I’ve been involved in every single play, and it’s hard for the season to pass without one. Hopefully, we’ll come back and won’t need a break for another twenty years.”


Anyone interested in getting more information about Swift Current Little Theatre can contact Bruce Rayner at 306-773-1396.

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