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Friday, 09 November 2012 16:11

Swift Current Library presents Korean dramas

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Fans of Korean dramas in Swift Current have the opportunity to enjoy two evenings a month watching unique shows from across the globe with the Swift Current Public Library’s new club.



“We started watching Korean dramas in our Manga group, and that’s where this idea started,” explained organizer Amanda Steinley with the library. “We’ve got about ten kids who are really interested in them, but we don’t have enough time to watch them during Manga nights.”


Steinley decided to organize a separate program focused specifically on the dramas, which are somewhat similar to American soap operas. While the shows are geared more towards a female audience, many male members of the group enjoy them, as well.


“There’s lots of different ones, and mostly they are romantic comedies,” Steinley added. “There are so many to choose from, and a lot of different themes, too.”


The shows are different from American series in that they only run between ten and twelve episodes before they are finished for good. They don’t last for several seasons like most American shows.


“It keeps them really interesting, and they don’t drag on for years,” said Steinley. “Each episode is about an hour long, and they are very light and cute. They focus on a lot of different relationship themes, and they are all appropriate for a variety of ages.”


Although the storylines are new in each drama, many of the actors are the same. Each of the dramas is filmed in Seoul, so the scenery becomes familiar as well. The dramas are similar to the anime in that they are in Korean, but American viewers can to read subtitles.


“We are currently watching a drama called ‘You’re Beautiful’, which is one that we started during Manga and are finishing up now,” Steinley said. “Each night we plan to meet for about three hours, so I think we’ll get a couple on the go. I’ll get the teens to vote for the one they want next.”


The group meets on Nov. 8 at 6pm, and will meet every two weeks to continue to the dramas. The evening is open to anyone who is interested in watching. For more information, call Amanda at the library at 306-778-2752.



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