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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 13:12

Switzer enjoyed sharing the same concert as Yoakam

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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The inaugural Autumn Fun Fest in Swift Current not only gave residents the opportunity to enjoy performers such as JT Hodges and Dwight Yoakam, but also some talented locals including Dirty Aces, the Hudec Brothers, and Blackwater.

“I really think that’s so important, because a lot of people don’t know a lot of Saskatchewan artists,” admitted Glenna Switzer with Blackwater. “A lot of them haven’t played around here, so we get a lot of good exposure from events like this.”
While Switzer has opened for other acts including Charlie Major and Aaron Pritchett, opening for someone as well-known as Dwight Yoakam is definitely something she is proud to put on her resumé. She was impressed with Yoakam’s performance in Swift Current.
“He’s really stuck with a traditional country sound, kind of rockabilly, Buddy Holly-style, and I very much enjoy his music,” she said. “He’s just a pro; he sings so well and he’s just such a talented guy.”
Although Switzer didn’t get the opportunity to shake hands with Yoakam, she is grateful she was a part of the show. It’s not often that local performers have the chance to play on a large stage as part of a big production, and Switzer enjoyed being able to just get out there and play.
“All you have to do is walk on, plug in, and go,” she explained. “You don’t have to worry about the sound, or unloading all your equipment, and that’s just really fun and exciting. It was a big venue, and the tents looked great, and I am so glad that we had the chance to be a part of it.”
Switzer was also glad her bandmates —Corinne Newton, Mark Penner, Earl Harder, and Blair Gehl — were given the opportunity to perform, as well. Local songwriters Newton and Penner had the chance to play some of their original music, and also had some of their albums available for sale.
“We are starting up a new band and we got a lot of compliments from people on the show, so that was encouraging,” Switzer noted. “It’s tough playing to a crowd who isn’t into it, but this audience was hooting and hollering along with us, and that’s always exciting.”
The band, which is yet un-named, has several gigs lined up for the fall. Switzer will also perform with a number of other talented regional artists throughout the area.

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